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When marketing Amazon bundles of, say, hot chocolate (as in this week’s example), remember that our eyes like variety.

In a recent split test, 50 Amazon Prime members were asked to consider two product images for a three-pack of Maltesers hot chocolate pods. Option A shows three boxes in a row, while Option B shows the three boxes in a pyramid.

Can you guess which one won?

And the winner is… Option B, with 30 out of 50 votes. Let’s talk about why B won and what we can learn from this Amazon split test.

Variety is the spice of life

Some words that people who picked Amazon bundle B used to describe the layout include varied, dynamic, interesting, contrast, and visually appealing. Shoppers like to see variety in a product arrangement. Rows are boring and straightforward. They look like they could go on forever without anything to break up the sameness. Our eyes start to glaze over. What’s more, one participant noted that having one box on top makes it stand out in an eye-catching way. And one woman noted that the “angle and stacking … makes the product look special and not just one of many.”

Make sure your Amazon bundles fill the canvas

The presence of white space in a design isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes it looks good! But in the case of Amazon bundle A, the huge amount of negative space at the top and bottom of the image is not working. The pyramid layout in B fills the canvas better, and many cited this as the reason for their preference. As one male aged 25–34 wrote, [Option] B “Fills up the space in the image much much better.”

Some people on Team B also expressed that they liked that the boxes were spread out in contrast to the crowded scene in Option A, where there is hardly any space between them. Lastly, some noted that the better use of space in Option B means the boxes are bigger and thus easier to see.

Key takeaways

When it comes to layout, customers prefer variation to the “same ole thing” (as one customer labeled Option A). And when designing product images, you also want to make sure your white space isn’t unsightly.

As we saw this week, the arrangement of your Amazon bundle can have a big impact on the attractiveness of a product. Not sure how to present your product bundles? Split test your options with a PickFu poll today.


Madeline Raynor

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