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When designing the main image for a product that consists of multiple pieces, it’s critical to think about how the component parts are arranged.

In a recent PickFu poll, one Amazon seller split tested two main product images for a Treasure Box toy set. The seller received responses from 50 members of the general population in 26 minutes.

In Option A, the toys form a clump in front of the box, playing off the visual we associate with a treasure chest: a pile of gold, silver, and jewels straight out of a tale of swashbuckling pirates on the high seas.

Option B shows the toys neatly organized in front of the box, with like items displayed together.

Can you guess which one won?

And the winner is… Option B! Option B won by a landslide, receiving 44 out of 50 votes. These results were consistent among the majority of test panel participants, regardless of age or gender.

Let’s take a look at what made Option B the winner…

Organization triumphs

The majority of participants preferred Option B for its organization. When toys are heaped in a pile, they’re less aesthetically pleasing than when they’re neatly arranged.

“The organized pic is better suited than the messy one,” one respondent wrote. Another explained, “The other option gives me anxiety. The chosen one looks so neat and in order. I would order that one over the other one.”

Although it’s unlikely that anyone would discover a real hoard of treasure arranged in such an orderly fashion, when it comes to a chest of toys, customers prefer an organized view.

Consumers want to see what they’re getting

Many respondents who preferred Option B said they like seeing exactly what is included in the set. According to one person, “The items are displayed in a much more organized fashion so you can actually see exactly what types of items are in the treasure box, how many of each, etc.”

However, it’s worth noting that three respondents who picked Option A chose it because they found the pile of toys exciting. One individual wrote that the mound of treasure was “more fun to potentially dig though.” Another explained, “The mixture of items in the image allows you to see them while still providing some mystery. The spread out image doesn’t leave anything to the imagination.”

Key takeaways

Respondents chose Option B for two key reasons: organization is aesthetically pleasing and makes it crystal clear what they would get for their money. Even though Option A’s treasure pile is a fun idea, organization wins out in the end.

Not sure how to lay out the components in your product’s featured image? Try an Amazon split test by creating a PickFu poll — it’s fast, easy, and could help your listing’s performance.


Madeline Raynor

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