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Top Amazon sellers understand that product visuals — from videos to photography to A+ content — must showcase how fantastic their products are. The only problem? You need to make sure that you’re choosing the right visuals. While all product images are important, the main image is critical because it’s what shoppers will click or ignore in their Amazon search results.

So, how do you choose the image that’s going to immediately earn the attention and trust of your target customer? It’s simple: ask them.

In this PickFu poll, a seller asks 50 Amazon Prime members which product image they prefer.

Can you guess which one won?

Which One Won?

By almost a 2-to-1 margin, Option B won this poll. However, it should be noted that the image was not the only variable. The two Amazon product images showcase a 10-pack with 3 different bag sizes in Option A and a 12-pack with 4 different bag sizes in Option B, and this skewed the results considerably in Option B’s favor. For a more reliable test, the item itself should have been consistent across the two images, with only stylistic differences between the photos themselves.

You can see from the comments that respondents reacted to both the product differences and the image differences. For example:

  • “I would definitely purchase [Option] B. I notice it has two extra items. I also notice that it has four different sizes compared to three sizes on [Option] A. All in all, [Option] B looks like a better value to me.”
  • “I would pick option B because it has more items within the actual product. I am not a fan of the colors as much, but I would not be paying much attention to them during use.”
  • “I chose [Option] A because the food looks better and fresher in the photo. For some reason, and I think it’s mainly the picture of the meat on [Option] B (or I THINK it’s meat) looks really gross. Also, the photo on [Option] A looks like the bags will hold more food. On [Option] B, it looks like there’s barely any food in each one, especially the lettuce. Who would want or need to put one piece of leaf lettuce in a bag like that?”
  • “I chose Option B firstly because the display is more prominent, has a greater display of different foods and has a lot of different sizes. Its graphics are bright and appealing, and the smaller containers are displayed in a more likeable manner.”
  • “If both choices were the same material, I would choose ‘B’. I love the vivid colors. That was the first thing I noticed when the pictures come up. I would have chosen them even if there were the same amount in each. It’s a bonus that there are 12 in option ‘B’.”

Although some customers still preferred Option A, saying that the colors were more appealing, or that the packaging appeared to hold more products, Option B still earned the hearts of most respondents.

Testing Amazon product images

Choosing the right Amazon product images can be tough. That’s why PickFu polls are so valuable to solicit feedback from exactly the kind of shopper you’re hoping to attract.

But when you go to PickFu to test your product images, make sure to set the test up in a way that won’t skew your results. Make sure the product offering is the same in each image; otherwise, respondents will react to a mixture of the product variances and the image variances. And you won’t have a good read on the image choice because the product will have muddied your results.

Be sure to read up on these 5 best practices for using PickFu, as well as our guide to Amazon split testing. Then, you’ll be ready to use PickFu to set up your own polls for Amazon product images.


Rebekah Carter

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