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While different elements like reviews, product titles, and descriptions come together to make an effective product listing, one thing generally captures our attention quicker than anything else: The Amazon product images.

Your product image provides your audience with useful information about the quality of the product that they’re getting, and what they can expect from your company. It’s no wonder that hundreds of sellers use PickFu to ensure they’re using the right images on Amazon.

In this PickFu poll, the seller wants to find out which image would drive the most clicks on the Amazon search results for a new product. Can you guess which one won?

Which one won?

Option C won with a resounding score of 92, compared to a score of only 6 for Option B, and 2 for Option A. Only one person chose option A as their preferred image, stating that their curiosity about what the product actually is would cause them to click.

The three people who chose Option B as their favorite image noted that the picture was more “zoomed in” than Option C. They also said that they liked how clear the pictures were.

Alternatively, the 46 people who voted for Option C gave a range of useful comments, including:

  • “I really like being able to see everything that comes with it as well as the pouch that will hold it, much more than I like seeing it all put together.”
  • “Option C is the clear cut winner here. The lighting is great, the logo/company is shown, and I am able to see everything inside laid out nicely for me. Option B is next best, with no logo/company information, but all the components are there. Option B could use better lighting. Option A would not be preferable. You can’t see what is contained inside the package, and no company information is shown.”
  • “I would pick Option C first because it shows all the products separately but with the company name; it looks very organized. I would choose Option B next if Option C wasn’t available because it still shows the products, just not displayed with the company name. I’m not too fond of Option A because it hides a lot of the features and products that are available.”

Overall, the respondents in this PickFu poll loved Option C for its clarity, attention to detail, and the amount of in-depth information it offered. The picture provides more detail than either Options A or B, and even includes the company’s logo.

Choosing Amazon product images

While it’s important to get every aspect of your product pages right, from the description through to the title, it’s likely that the imagery will be the first thing that captures your audience’s attention. In this PickFu poll, the seller can clearly see that Option C had more of a positive impact on customers, making it the clear-cut winner.

If you’re wondering which visuals to use when selling your own products, consider starting your own PickFu poll. You can speak directly to your target audience and get their input on which visual strategy is best for your sales.


Rebekah Carter

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