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As we head towards summer weather, many are thinking about losing weight and increasing their fitness levels. Many rely on fitness apps to help them. App design plays a big part in whether we download an app or keep browsing the App Store.

The creator of this PickFu poll evaluated two different app designs for a fitness app, asking the audience which they would prefer to download.

Option A features teal for its pop of color, while Option B uses pink for its different headings. There are also some differences in how the content is laid out across the app. Can you guess which one won?

Which app design won?  

In this poll, Option A came away with 70% of the vote! With a convincing score of 35 votes to just 15 votes for Option B, we have a clear winner. There’s plenty of written feedback from the respondents so we can understand why the first app design won. 

Users care about color     

Color is one of the first things users notice in an app, so the color palette you choose can make or break your success. One of the voters commented that they thought the colors used in Option A looked “more modern and high-end.” Another woman stated that she did not like the shades used together in Option B. Several people found the teal of Option A more appealing and easier to look at than the pink of Option B. 

If you’re having trouble coming up with a color scheme for your app, try a free online color tool. Adobe Color helps you to play with a color wheel in real-time to create pleasing combinations, while Coolors generates color schemes for you and offers a library of user-created palettes to choose from.  

Create professional app designs     

A recurring theme in the respondent feedback is a preference for the layout of Option A. There are comments that the layout of Option is more user-friendly and “seems to have real design skill behind it.” A male left a comment saying “apps that look more professional tend to be more user-friendly, and have better features.” 

A handful of respondents commented that the photos used in Option A looked more professional than the photos used in Option B. A middle-aged female noted that she liked the video of the woman exercising and it would be nice to have something to follow along with. 

The written feedback in this poll shows that users pick up on many details of app design and usability. Keep your app design as professional as possible, making sure it’s user-friendly and easy on the eyes. 

Key takeaways for PickFu polls

Good design matters and users want to download a professional app with a trustworthy feel. As you work on the color scheme and layout of your app, use PickFu to split test different options. You can test up to eight options at once, and you’ll always receive helpful written feedback from respondents.

Setting up your own PickFu poll only takes a few minutes, and the cost of each poll starts from just $50. Take advantage of feedback from a real audience and use it to create an irresistible version of your app.


Robyn Petrik

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