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There are a lot of challenges that an entrepreneur needs to tackle when launching a new company: deciding what you’re going to sell, planning a marketing strategy, researching the right e-commerce platform. But before you can do almost anything else with your company, you’ll need to choose the right brand name. In a cluttered industry like the alcohol accessory sector, beer name ideas can be the key to differentiating yourself from your competition.

In this PickFu poll, a business owner was keen to discover the most appealing name for their beer ice pack brand.

The poll offered three options: Koolaroo, Refreeze, and Sweet Chill. Can you guess which one won?

Which of the three beer name ideas won?

Option C, Sweet Chill, won the poll, with a total score of 31 votes after two rounds of vote counting. 50 respondents were asked to rank their preferences from first to third, and votes were counted using what’s known as an “instant run-off” method.

Let’s take a closer look at the responses.

How Sweet Chill came out on top

When responding to the names, the PickFu Panel offered a combination of simple and in-depth feedback. Some people simply stated that “Sweet Chill has a pretty nice ring to it.” Other respondents gave more insight into why they ranked one title over another. For instance:

  • “Refreeze sounds like a chemical for your car or something. Swill Chill makes me think of a chilled beer and Koolaroo is an okay name, albeit a little weird.”
  • “Swill Chill sounds hip and cool. I like its flow. It felt like it fit the millennial generation.”
  • “I picked the name [Swill Chill because] I thought [it] rolled off my tongue the easiest. I liked all the names, but felt my 1st choice was easiest to remember and flowed when spoken.”

However, one respondent who ranked Swill Chill last raised a good point: “[Option] C is last because it uses the word swill which has a negative connotation. Swill is the worst liquor available, not top-shelf.”

Choosing the perfect product name

Finding the right name for a brand is never easy. Unlike other aspects of your business, your brand name will likely stay with your company for a long time. Getting feedback from customers is one of the best ways to ensure that the name you choose will resonate with the right audience.

If you’re not sure what kind of brand title will speak best to your customers, then running your own PickFu poll could be the best way to get some inspiration. You can even poll beer drinkers specifically.


Rebekah Carter

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