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When it comes to selling on Amazon, merchants only have a handful of ways to make themselves stand out from competitors. Your product title can make your listing more clickable, and the content in your product description is likely to impact conversions. But often, the first thing that will capture the attention of your target audience is your Amazon images.

The good news? You don’t have to guess which image will attract the most customers. With PickFu, sellers can test the impact of their photos with a perfectly targeted audience. That’s exactly what this seller did in their recent PickFu poll.

Can you guess which one won?

Which One Won?

Option B was the top choice for the respondents with Option C following closely behind. Option A only received a total score of 6 — perhaps because it was the simplest of the images offered. The two images that offered more information were more popular; however, a few people did say that they liked the minimalist nature of Option A.

The comments in this poll offer useful insight into why some product pictures performed better than others:

  • “I like Option C the best because it shows the relative size of the product compared to the peppers. Perhaps add some of the features listed in Option B to this photo?”
  • “I like Option B the best because it shows a close-up of the double stitching and the feather tells me they are lightweight. I chose Option C next because I do like how they are showing an example of the product being used. I chose Option A last due to the fact that beyond the picture of the product, there is no other relative pictures or details about the quality/usefulness of the product.”
  • “After carefully studying all three images of product pictures, I chose Option B as my first preference because of the added product descriptions about extra stitching and lightweight quality as well as the eye appeal of the image. Option C was my second choice followed by Option A based on the relative eye-catching appeal and descriptions of the images.”

In this case, it seemed like most customers preferred images that gave them as much detail into what the product would be as possible. Options B and C were more informative, and therefore more likely to earn customer attention.

Choosing the ideal Amazon images

Choosing the ultimate image for your Amazon products can make or break your chances of a successful product launch. An image is one of the quickest ways to grab attention and convey information in a creative way.

If you’re wondering which images you should be using on your Amazon listings, why not try your own PickFu poll?

Once you know which images you want to choose, you can learn more strategies to optimize your Amazon listings here.


Rebekah Carter

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