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Spritz pest repellent wanted to add a sprig of peppermint to its product photo. Would it make the product, a peppermint oil bug spray, more appealing to customers? Or was it an unnecessary addition — fixing something that “ain’t broke”?

The brand ran a product image split test on PickFu to get concrete data that would answer this question.

Spritz asked 50 respondents, all Amazon Prime members, which of two images they preferred for the insect spray bottle: one with peppermint leaves next to the bottle, or one without.

Can you guess which one won?

The winner is…Option A!

After just 55 minutes, the results showed conclusively that customers do, in fact, prefer a dash of peppermint. Option A earned a score of 66, with 33 of 50 votes, while Option B got 17 votes for a score of 34.

Why? Let’s look at the numbers and commentary from respondents. 

Garnish looks good

The consensus among those who voted for Option A is that the photo with the peppermint leaves adds personality. It just “looks much better,” one respondent wrote.

Some said the color of the leaves complemented the bottle. Others dove even deeper, drawing associations between the plant imagery and the “natural” branding of Spritz.

Regardless of the photo, one of the most appealing aspects of this product is that it’s 100% non-toxic and safe, even for pets. Quite a few respondents noted that the peppermint highlights that aspect. 

Still, about one-third of respondents voted for Option B. Their responses were a bit more pragmatic, citing that the leaves was “distracting,” “redundant,” and even “overkill.” Some claimed it looked “weird,” with one person saying they didn’t like seeing food next to bug repellent. 

In the end, Spritz opted to keep the peppermint. You can see the winning image from this poll in their product listing today. 

Other highlights

  • Support for Option B tended to increase with age. While no one in the 18-24 age group voted for Option B, 66.7% of the 65-to-74-year-olds did. 
  • Although female respondents ultimately favored Option A over B, it was a closer vote than among male respondents, 70% of whom voted for Option A
Results filtered by gender.

What they said

“I prefer Option A because the mint leaf picture with it makes it feel more clean, natural and fresh. It makes me think that the product label isn’t just a misleading sales job and that there really are natural ingredients (mint oils) in the spray.”

“Something as simple as adding the little green plant to the product image actually makes a huge difference as far as visuals. Now the product image has more green and it feels more lively and refreshing.”

“I think that Option A looks a little nicer showing the mint leaves and that reminds me that the spray is a non-toxic peppermint oil spray.”

“I chose [Option] B because it seems contrived to have the mint (or whatever it is) next to the bottle. It is already on the bottle.”

“I picked [Option] B because I thought [Option] A was distracting. The sprig of mint next to the bottle seems weird because that is something is normally just a garnish on food items, so even though there is mint in the product, I don’t like seeing something that I associate with food only next to something that shouldn’t be consumed.”

Key takeaway

Adding a little color to a product image can make your product seem more appealing, especially when the product itself is hard to get excited about. 

If you are going to add a visual garnish, try to use imagery that matches your brand. The reason peppermint leaves work with Spritz is because the product is all natural. Using suggestive imagery like this helps you emphasize certain aspects of the product you want your customers to consider. 

Want to dive deeper?

Results by commonly used words:

Results by gender (there were no non-binary respondents in this poll):

Results by age group:


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