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Deciding how to take a product to market can be difficult. You need to determine a pricing strategy that appeals to your target audience. One easy way to assess whether bundling products on Amazon is a worthwhile idea is to run a PickFu poll.

In this poll, the seller wants to see whether they could achieve better results by selling two products separately or combining them together into a cost-efficient bundle.

Bundling products on Amazon

Can you guess which one won?

Which One Won?

Option B, which was the bundled option, won by a landslide. Winning 40 out of 50 votes, it’s plain to see a pasta cutter will likely sell better when it’s bundled with a pasta drying rack.

As you consider whether bundling products on Amazon is for you, keep in mind that a handful of people did say they prefer to buy each item separately. They stated that they might only need one product at a time. However, the majority said it was more cost-effective and convenient to get two related items.

A selection of helpful written feedback:

  • “I’d rather buy the bundle because when I’m making pasta, I can always use an extra pasta drying rack. Also, the price for the double wheel cutter individually is almost as expensive as the entire bundle, so it’s a deal.”
  • “I don’t own either of these so I would likely prefer to buy them as a set, especially since it appears less expensive, but the option to buy them separately should be available since somebody might already have one of the products”
  • “Two reasons [to choose Option B]. Firstly, the bundle makes sense financially – it’s cheaper to but both together. Secondly, if you’re in the market for a pasta cutter, you’re probably going to need a drying rack as well.”
  • “Bundle is better; one without the other seems incomplete.”

The respondents in the poll liked that the bundle was more affordable. And it made sense to buy two items that go hand-in-hand when making pasta.

Bundling products on Amazon as a go-to-market strategy

Ultimately, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to take a product to market.

But by using PickFu to poll your target customers, sellers can quickly determine which offer is most appealing. This poll demonstrates that many shoppers prefer to purchase two items together at a discount.

Are you wondering how to make your product bundle appeal to customers? Try running your own PickFu poll with a targeted audience like Amazon Prime members, dog owners, or people who take nutritional supplements.


Rebekah Carter

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