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Choosing fonts for products might seem unimportant to some, but savvy sellers know that design choices make a difference in earning customer trust (and sales).

In this recent PickFu poll, a seller asked 50 people which font and design they would find the most suitable for a product designed for babies.

Option A combined a messy script with a serif font and a leaf design.
Option B used handwritten and sans-serif fonts with an illustrated flower.
Option C offered a bold script and sans-serif font with cloud drawings.

The products also differed slightly in wording and capitalization.

Can you guess which one won?

Which One Won?

Option B received the most votes in this poll, with a total score of 52. Option C followed closely behind with a score of 46. Option A lagged far behind, with only one person ranking it first. 35 of the 50 respondents ranked Option A third of the three choices.

As the poll was mostly a battle between Options B and C, the comments come into prominence to help inform this seller’s decision. A common theme among respondents was the readability of the fonts and the style of each font choice.

Selected respondent comments

  • “I like the font on the words in Option B much better. They are easier to read and seem better for baby products. The font in Option A is just too messy for baby products. Option C is too bold. Overall, I like Option B much better than the others.”
  • “My favorite out of the three is Option C. I feel like the writing is easy to read and it looks better because of the capital letters on the numbers (example, One and Three). I also really like the clouds and it could be used for boys and girls. My second favorite is Option B because the writing is easy to read and it is also cute. However, I would prefer it if it had the capital letters like in Option C. The tree or flower on them is also nice and could be used for a boy or girl. I did not like Option A at all. I think the writing for the numbers is a little hard to read. I also am not a fan of the leaves.”
  • “The typeface in [Option] B suits a baby product – it’s sweet and a little whimsical. The typeface in [Option] C looks more formal, so it doesn’t suit a baby item in my mind. I don’t like the typeface in choice A at all – it’s difficult to read and not extremely attractive.”
  • “I was taught cursive going into school; however, I could understand that modern schooling doesn’t offer it so for me, [Option] C ranks highest first because it’s easy to read, but really because it offers years too. The choice of years is quite nice. [Option] B is also a good choice because it’s easier to read and cute, but it lacks the years feature. [Option] A is ranked last. I can read it, but I could see how it would be hard for others.”

Choosing fonts for products

The respondents in this poll provided useful information to help the designer of this baby product. If you’re struggling to figure out which typography you should use on your product, why not conduct your own PickFu poll? While you’re there, test other aspects of your design, like color choices and illustration styles!


Rebekah Carter

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