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There seems to be an app out there for everything, from checking your finances to playing games with friends. As the app marketplace grows increasingly competitive, it’s smart to figure out which app features will motivate your target audience to hit the download button.

In today’s PickFu poll, an app developer asks 50 people which feature would push them to download an app:

  • Option A: An app to search for bars/pubs based on musical atmosphere
  • Option B: An app to let you choose which songs will be played in a bar/pub
  • Option C: An app that helps you to discover which songs are being played in a bar/pub and save them to your Spotify playlists or buy them on iTunes.

Can you guess which one won?

How did the respondents rank the app features?

The 50 respondents favored Option C, an app that allows them to figure out which songs were being played in a bar or pub and save it to their own music library.

Option C edged out Option A with 54 points, compared to Option A’s 46. Option B lagged far behind with a score of only 18.

Each participant ranked the three options from their most to least favorite and explained why. Here are just some of the comments that the respondents shared:

  • “I chose Option A first because if I want to go to a pub, I want to know what the music atmosphere is before I even go, I don’t want to ruin my mood. Option C was next because if I like a song, I would like to snatch it and keep it, and Option B last because who wouldn’t want to go to a place where they can control the flow of music?”
  • “I think it would be just as easy to Google a list of pubs that play certain music, and so Option A would be my last choice. Option C seems like the app that I would actually use, although I know there are already apps that let you identify music. Still, it would be nice to identify a song and then save it for later listening. Option B sounds interesting, although I can’t imagine how it would work. If many people, of differing tastes, in the same pub, used the app, the results could be a strange mix.”
  • “Option C is by far the best option because I constantly find myself out at places and hear a song that I like and want to know what it is but can’t find out because I forget to look it up later. Option A is the next best choice because say you go somewhere that plays nothing but country music, but you absolutely can’t stand country music, this app would prevent that. Finally, Option B just seems dumb; that’s what jukeboxes are for.”

Overall, people generally liked the idea of being able to save the music they enjoyed when out on the town to listen to it later. Most respondents also liked the ability to identify a place to go based on the music that played there. Unfortunately, the majority of the respondents didn’t understand how Option B would work, or simply didn’t like the premise.

Offering app features people actually want

Design an app that appeals to users isn’t easy. That’s why it’s such a good idea to speak to your customers first and find out what they need and want.

With a simple PickFu poll, this developer instantly discovers which app features appeals most to potential customers, and which concepts they didn’t like as much.

If you’re struggling to find the ideal hook for your new app, creating your own PickFu poll could be the answer. You can even target customers based on traits like iOS or Android device, whether they’re a mobile gamer, or by how much money they’ve spent in the App Store.

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Rebekah Carter

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