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In this week’s “Which One Won?”, we’ll look at an example of how a snazzy design choice in e-commerce photo editing can capture shoppers’ attention.

In this poll, an e-commerce seller conducted a split test on 50 people, presenting them with dueling product images of a musical egg toy set. The two options played around with the layout and the look of the components.

In Option A, the eggs are displayed in a circle, making them resemble flower petals.

In Option B, the eggs rest naturally in the white space.

Both feature a hand holding an egg, but each is in a different position. The two also have different-looking symbols conveying that there are six eggs in a set.

Can you guess which one won?

And the winner is… Option A, with 28 out of 50 votes. It was a close race, but let’s review why the people chose Option A.

A bold choice in e-commerce photo editing

The flower pattern in Option A was a big hit: 9 people who chose Option A mentioned the “appealing” design as part of their decision. Out-of-the-box thinking can lead to a simple, cute design decision that makes a product stand out. Other e-commerce sellers will display their wares in the same straightforward way. The flower layout not only goes with the nature theme (ladybugs, grass, etc), but also makes the product more enticing.

Considering the hand position

The different hand positions were a big topic of discussion among respondents. Those on Team A thought their hand was in a “natural” position, while Option B’s was “awkward” and “unnatural.” They also thought the placement of Option A was better than B. One respondent wrote, “The hand should never be the focus. [I]n B, the hand takes up way too much of the image.”

One woman on Team B wrote that Option B’s razzle-dazzle hand “captures [her] attention better.” Another woman called Option A’s hand “awkward.” Ultimately, however, Option A’s more natural and comfortable hand position triumphed.

Key takeaways for e-commerce photo editing

If your product consists of several similar parts, like this batch of toy eggs, finding a unique way to arrange them. By not putting them in the same old row or clump, your item becomes way more appealing.

And when it comes to hands, people seem to respond better to a relaxed position. Although Option B’s hand has an element of showmanship, you can practically feel the hand cramp coming on.

This poll has a whopping four different variables: the hand, the carton of eggs, the eggs arranged in a group, and the “six pieces” symbol. When conducting a split test, it’s a good idea to only test one variable at a time. Not a lot of people commented on the “six pieces” symbol, but if the pollster had made it the only variable, there may have been a different winner.

If you’re struggling to choose the best possible main image for your product, why not eliminate the doubt from your mind and see what the people want with a PickFu split test?


Madeline Raynor

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