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The main image on Amazon has a huge impact on a seller’s click-through rate. Choose the wrong picture, and you risk confusing your target audience and sending them to your competition.

In this PickFu poll, a seller wanted to know which image for a phone grip is more attention-grabbing. The two images are identical with the exception of an inset showing the product’s magnetic quality (Option B).

Can you guess which one won?

Which One Won?

Option B was the clear winner here, earning a total of 32 votes out of 50. Although some people appreciated the simplicity of option A, many respondents agreed that Option B provided more information.

In this poll, the seller also took advantage of PickFu’s follow-up feature. By asking follow-up questions, the seller could ensure that the magnetic quality was clearly interpreted.

A Black male respondent answered, “I like products that have multiple images or different viewpoints. Option B has an extra picture that caught my attention more than choice A.” The seller then asked the follow-up question, “Was it clear to you that the top right image shows magnetic properties of the device?” The respondent then returned to the poll to say, “Yes, it was clear to me in the picture, and it is part of the reason why I chose Option B as the better choice. It gives a clear depiction of how the device works and operates.” Other survey respondents mentioned the magnetic quality in their comments.

This sentiment was not universal, however. One Asian female respondent commented, “I like [Option B] because I get a close up of the item and how it attaches. This is better as I like to see more detail especially these small details.” When the seller asked the same follow-up question about whether the product’s magnetism was clear, she replied, “To be honest, no. I thought it was actually an adhesive not magnetic. Maybe putting the word magnetic may help the most as it’s hard to show magnetic / magnets just visually?”

The seller would do well to heed this respondent’s advice. Revisit the inset and see if there are alternative ways to present this feature, and come back to PickFu to make sure the image is communicating clearly.

Are you sending the right message?

When you’re not sure whether your images are conveying what you want them to, ask your target audience. And if you need to probe a little further, take advantage of follow-up questions to get further clarity.

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Rebekah Carter

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