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The world of wellness is a crowded marketplace where it’s important to stand out. Before launching headfirst into a new business, get feedback on your ideas. This feedback helps you see if you’re on the right track with the health and fitness business names you’re considering.

In this PickFu poll, an entrepreneur wanted to see which name for a new fitness club sounds the most appealing among three choices:

  • Option A: Guide Fitness
  • Option B: Story Fitness
  • Option C: New Health Fitness

Can you guess which one won?

The winning health and fitness business name 

Of the three names, Option C was the obvious winner. 31 out of 50 respondents chose Option C as their first choice, while 10 chose Option A and 9 chose Option B. 

Giving customers a new start on their health journey       

One of the most common responses from the voters was that New Health Fitness sounded like it was a fresh start to a healthier life. 

New Health is first because it indicates a beginning of something that is new. A start of living a healthier life,” one woman wrote. 

A younger male echoed her sentiment. “New Health feels like a new start and something to improve myself with and a lot more memorable. Better for branding.”

Since health and fitness is a personal endeavor, the relatable nature of Option C draws people in and immediately motivates them. “Option C has the most relevant name, to me, if I were looking for a neighborhood gym to join. New Health gives you a goal right up front, to take control of your own health and renew it,” commented a male respondent.  

With health and fitness business names, look for something that creates a similar sense of welcoming and motivation to your customers. 

Test more health and fitness business names with another poll  

While Option C clearly won the poll, several respondents didn’t like any of the three naming options. 

“I don’t think any are really original or appealing,” a woman plainly stated. “Honestly, I’m not really crazy about any of the names,” said another. 

One man explained what he didn’t like about each of the names. “Guide Fitness is a little bland but sounds helpful. New Health is nice if not a little generic. Story Fitness would be good but it’s a little confusing.” 

Getting detailed feedback like this is a big advantage to running a PickFu poll. Along with the voting results, you get to read why voters chose the way they did. 

If a similar situation happens in your PickFu poll, it’s easy to run another one. You can come up with more business names and see if they receive better feedback. On PickFu, you can even define your target audience by exercise frequency. If your gym wants to be friendly and unintimidating, ask a pool of people with low exercise frequency. If you’re an elite fitness club, ask people who exercise a lot.


Robyn Petrik

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