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Designing an effective product means thinking carefully about everything. Choosing the wrong materials could mean that your product ends up looking cheap or tacky. In this example, a seller uses this PickFu poll to decide which planter to sell.

The seller asked 50 respondents whether they preferred a planter made of concrete (Option A) or one that had been 3D-printed (Option B).

Which One Won?

The majority of respondents in the poll chose the concrete option. To them, Option A seemed more elegant and natural than the 3D-printed alternative.

Some customers also noted that the concrete coloring seemed to fit better with the purpose of the item, a plant pot. For example, one respondent said, “Concrete seems better suited for planting; it is somewhat porous to allow for water drainage and looks less like a children’s toy than the 3D-printed one.”

Others agreed. For example:

  • “Concrete seems like a material that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. While many people are using 3d printers with odd colored filament, I much prefer the natural look of stone”
  • “Choice A looks more natural/rocklike, which fits better for a planter. Option B looks more like plastic due to the colors which give it an unnatural appearance.”
  • “The concrete looks more durable and less like a toy. I understand that 3D printing stuff is trendy now, but I prefer the look of concrete for this particular planter.”
  • “I’d go with the concrete, since at least around here in Denver you see a lot of 3D printed stuff already, so it doesn’t really stand out, and people might just think, ‘Oh, I could just go to the library and have that printed pit.’ I think concrete is still a special/unusual enough of a material that it would stand out more.”

The 15 respondents who preferred Option B said that the 3D-printed versions offered something versatile and unique. They were drawn to the blue colors and assumed the printed planter would be lighter than a concrete one. Perhaps if this seller proceeds with selling the concrete planter, they should mention whether it can be painted or offer it in several colors.

The importance of product validation

Before diving headfirst into developing a product, be sure that it resonates with the market you’re targeting. Without the data that PickFu provides, this seller might devote time and resources to 3D-printing planters that won’t perform as well as concrete planters.

Want to learn more about knowing what sells before you sell it? Read our guide to idea validation or watch PickFu team members discuss how to use the platform in the early stages of your business.


Rebekah Carter

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