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To set your business up for success, step into the shoes of your customers. Ask them to weigh in on the product options you are considering before you go into production. This kind of idea validation helps you predict future sales.

In this PickFu poll, a seller asks 50 Amazon Prime members which of three products they preferred to buy. Can you guess which one won?

Which product option won?

Option C won this poll, with a total score of 52. Option A followed with a score of 38. This indicates that the business owner could potentially have a good chance of making a sale either with Option A or C. 

Option B lagged behind with a score of only 10. Here are some of the responses that the participants in the study gave for their choices.

  • “The plain one [Option C] looks the nicest, but I wish it didn’t have the company’s name wood-burned into it. I dislike the one with the very large rectangular cutouts [Option B]; it looks cheap. I am neutral on Option A; it looks okay.”
  • “I would buy [Option] A because I like the cutouts in it. I think it looks good even empty. [Option] C is alright, but a little boring. I don’t like [Option] B at all because it looks kind of odd to me.”
  • “For me, given the option, the neat pattern and design draws my eyes in and makes me want to buy the one with the coolest pattern. It’s honestly about aesthetics for me. [Option] A has an interesting cut-out pattern that speaks to me. [Option] B also has a neat design, and I enjoy the personalization that comes with designs. Finally, [Option] C is kind of basic to me. It’s not particularly interesting because it’s so simple without any patterns or designs. It would be nice to add stickers to but doesn’t do much for me design-wise.”
  • “I chose Option C as my top pick because I like the clean simplicity with the lack of cutout patterns. It appeals to me, and I like looking at it. It has no bearing on its usability without or without the holes. It’s just my preference. I went with Option B as my second pick because although it has cutout patterns, I like how the pattern resembles a radio with speakers (to me anyway). I like Option A the least because the cutout hole pattern doesn’t appeal to me at all.”
  • “At first, I didn’t know what I was looking at and thought it was some kind of game or something. When I read it was a book holder, I was shocked, because, for whatever reason, 2 of these are just plain ugly and serve no benefit for holding books, so [Option] C is easily my first choice.”

Most of the respondents preferred the clean and straightforward design of Option C, while some felt that the little details on Option A allowed for a more elegant appearance.

Choosing the right product options

Design is subjective, and this poll offers interesting input for the business owner to consider when deciding which design to produce. Although Option C won overall in the poll, they could potentially reach a wider audience by selling both Option C and Option A.

If you’re wondering which version of a product you should sell, see what the market has to say by creating your own PickFu poll.


Rebekah Carter

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