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As an Amazon seller, there are endless details to decide on when choosing inventory. Finalizing which colors to offer your products in can make or break sales. Color is one of the first things a customer will notice about your product and will either draw them in or turn them away. 

The seller in this PickFu poll was trying to decide which shade of blue to choose for this waterproof speaker. Option A is aqua, a cooler color, and Option B is turquoise, which is a touch warmer. With two similar shades of blue, can you guess which color the respondents preferred? 

Which color won the poll? 

This poll was almost a tie! Option B won with 26 votes, while Option A received 24 votes out of 50. With final percentages sitting close together at 52% and 48%, it’s especially helpful that PickFu polls offer written feedback from all the respondents to help understand the results. 

Some features are personal preferences   

Reading through the written feedback from the voters, which was a targeted audience of all females, a few common themes emerge: 

  • Respondents thought the two colors were very similar. 
  • Respondents preferred either A or B because it matched the color scheme already in their home.
  • Respondents chose the color that seemed brighter to them.

In the written feedback, there are few negative comments about either option. Most women simply chose the color they liked better, going with their personal preference or existing color scheme. 

Features like color, pattern, or print often come down to personal preference for shoppers. Unless you’re following a current trend, it’s difficult for sellers to predict which option will be more popular. Fortunately, you can run PickFu polls before you order inventory or put the item up for sale. 

What does a tie mean?

When a PickFu poll ends in a tie — or nearly a tie, like this one — you are probably wondering how to pick a winning option. Ending in a tie could mean two things: 

  1. The respondents saw little difference between the two options you presented. 
  2. Equal-sized segments of the audience showed a preference for their choice. 

When you get tied results, dig deeper into the feedback left by respondents. Look for patterns that may lead to one option over the other. If you’re still unsure about which option to go with, run another poll and add more respondents. A larger audience will bring in more feedback for you to work with. 

Or re-evaluate your options, testing your previous similar colors against something more drastically different.

Key takeaways 

You can always run a PickFu poll to help decide between production details like color and design. There are infinite ways to use PickFu polls to your advantage while developing your Amazon products. And because you’re able to test options before placing orders or going live with listings, there’s no risk involved.

Set up a PickFu poll and receive 50 responses for as little as $50 or open your poll up to as many as 500 people. Leverage the feedback of a live audience to help you decide your next business move!     


Robyn Petrik

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