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As you’re starting a business, the building blocks of its branding include your logo, tagline, and mission statement. A mission statement is a quick summary of the goals and values of a company. It acts as a compass to guide the organization as a whole. So when figuring how to write a mission statement, don’t create your mission in a vacuum. Get outside feedback to make sure the statement resonates.

Pawopolis, a store aimed at pet lovers, used PickFu to test two different mission statements to see which people find more appealing. The store’s owners arrived at the name Pawopolis thanks to another PickFu poll they ran to test their store name ideas. 

Option A reads, “5% of all profit goes to support pet rescues.”

Option B reads, “With each order you help the National Forest Foundation to plant one tree.”

Which mission statement won?  

With an almost unanimous score of 98%, Option A won. Out of 50 total votes, Option A received 49 votes compared to Option B with just one.

Why did the first mission statement do so much better than the second? Let’s take a look at two main reasons. 

How to write a mission statement while staying on-brand

As a store that is focused on attracting pet lovers, it’s no wonder why the mission statement about supporting pet rescues won out over planting trees with the National Forest Foundation. While both are worthwhile causes, supporting pet rescues is clearly going to resonate with pet owners more.

One woman summed it up perfectly with her comment: “I am an animal lover too so even though I do care about trees, I’d rather see donations go to pet rescues. I believe most pet lovers would say the same since many of us are really passionate about stopping the suffering of animals.”

Her sentiments echoed throughout almost all the other comments left by voters, making Option A the easy choice for Pawopolis.

Keep it short, scannable, and specific

Staying on brand may have been enough of a reason to choose Option A. But the brevity and scannability of the mission statement also made a difference in this poll. The first mission statement was just nine words long, whereas Option B was 13 words long.

Several respondents found Option B too wordy and not easy to understand at first glance. A younger man commented that “it drags on for a bit and is a mouthful.”

Many respondents appreciated the specificity of Option A. One noted that “it tells more specifically how much is given from each purchase,” while another respondent liked knowing “what the bottom line looks like.”

Test run your mission statements

While the winning mission statement from this poll might is obvious, choosing your own mission statement may not be as easy. To help you choose, run your own PickFu poll. It’s simple to set up and most polls are complete in less than 15 minutes!


Robyn Petrik

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