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Men and women alike are always looking for ways to optimize their health, whether they want to lose weight, get stronger, or ensure they’re getting proper nutrition. When creating a brand around health, it’s especially important to match your logo and company name.

Original AllStar, a premium supplement brand, ran this PickFu poll to split test two potential logos for the business. 

The two logos use the same font for the product name and the same color palette of white, bright blue, and navy blue. The big difference between the two options is the graphic beside the product name. 

Can you guess which one won?

Which logo design won the poll?  

With two starkly different graphics, Option B was a clear winner! Out of 50 responses, Option B ended up with 41 votes, while Option A got just 9 votes. 

Match your logo and company name    

The obvious connection between Option B and the name Original Allstar is the star graphic in the logo. The star graphic caught the attention of respondents and resonated with many of them. 

A woman commented that she “felt like this logo really picked up on the ‘star’ aspect of the company name and looked like an A. All very creative and memorable.” 

“I like [Option] B because it kind of looks like a shooting star, so I think it goes with the product perfectly. Kind of makes you think of health,” stated another woman. 

Clearly matching up the design of the logo with the product name was a popular choice for this health brand. 

Steer clear of popular trademarks  

On the flip side, one issue with Option A stood out to a handful of the respondents. The design looked like an emblem from Star Trek. One voter said plainly that Option A “looks too much like the Star Trek Enterprise badge that the officers wore!”

One female, in particular, felt very strongly about the resemblance, stating “[Option] A is WAY too close to a Star Trek insignia and I would even think how in the world did this company get the rights to use that?” 

When designing a logo, you have to take an objective look at it. While you intend to create something original, the design may be unintentionally similar to a design that is already well-known.  

Be sure to test your logo and company name

If you want to test your logo or company name, setting up a PickFu poll is a fast and easy way to gather reactions to it. Thanks to the written feedback you receive from the respondents, you’ll have a clear idea of what works better — and to see if your logo resembles something else and you didn’t realize it! 


Robyn Petrik

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