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In a world that is consistently getting busier, online grocery shopping and delivery services are becoming more popular. People want to save time whenever they can, and going to the grocery store is a chore they’re happy to skip. The mobile app developers in this PickFu poll are creating an app for online grocery shopping and wanted to split test two different mobile app experience styles of shopping in the app.  

Option A is a traditional approach where grocery items are listed in the app and the user clicks to see more or add it to their cart. Option B would simulate a grocery store and allow users to virtually ‘walk’ through the aisles to shop.  

Which mobile app experience won the poll?  

With two very different styles of shopping in the app, the more traditional Option A won the poll. 38 out of 50 respondents preferred Option A, while just 12 preferred the virtual style of Option B. 

Keep things simple and efficient     

While the realistic grocery shopping style of Option B was interesting, most respondents preferred the traditional app approach of Option A. They wanted to keep the chore of getting groceries quick and easy. As one woman said, “Option B would take way longer to actually use. Option A makes more sense for quick and convenient shopping.”

Another woman made a great point about having to navigate the aisles in Option B. “I think the most appealing part about using an app to grocery shop is that I don’t have to worry about where things are in the aisles of the store.” 

While it’s great to be innovative when creating a new app, you have to understand what kind of experience your customers want. This poll shows that for a grocery app, the traditional app approach is better. 

Users want a realistic mobile app experience   

There were still a few positive comments about Option B and its virtual approach. Since grocery shopping is an interactive experience where you can touch and pick up products, some respondents want a similar experience from their grocery app. 

An older woman mentioned she would prefer Option B if it was easy to use. “I like the idea of navigating the aisles and seeing the items on the shelf. I think it gives you a better and more realistic view of the product. Sometimes an individual picture isn’t exactly what the product ends up looking like when you get it.”

“You would actually be able to see the package,” commented another woman, “and going down the aisles you would be able to see all the same type of product right away.”

From these kinds of comments from the voters, it’s clear there’s still some desire for a realistic grocery shopping experience through the app. 

Test your ideas before committing to a mobile app experience 

One of the best things about using PickFu polls for mobile app development is being able to test your different ideas before committing to them. Setting up your own poll gives you clear results and detailed responses from each respondent. PickFu polls start at $50 for 50 responses, and you can poll respondents by iOS or Android device, whether they play mobile games, and by how much money they’ve spent in the App Store.


Robyn Petrik

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