PickFu Poll of the Week: Fruity Coffee

Businesses use PickFu to validate their ideas, and one PickFu user had a particularly memorable idea – coffee mixed with fruit juice.

The user polled 50 people to see whether they would try it. See the results here!

It got me thinking, what are some other memorable product combinations that probably could have used more validation before launching?

1. Cheetos Lip Balm

In 2005, Chester Cheetah tried his hand at staining your fingers AND your lips. It didn’t take.


2. Colgate Kitchen Entrees

In the early 80s, the geniuses at Colgate had an idea: consumers could eat a Colgate-branded frozen meal, then brush their teeth with Colgate toothpaste. Unfortunately, the marriage of chicken stir-fry and minty paste wasn’t the money-maker they had hoped for.


3. Bottled Water for Pets

In 1994, Florida’s Original Pet Drink Company began selling carbonated, vitamin-enriched water for pets. For dogs, there was a Crispy Beef flavor, and for cats, Tangy Fish. The FDA even approved it for human consumption! Unfortunately, you can’t find it anymore, so if you missed out on trying it, your chance is gone.


4. Carbonated Yogurt

In 2007, Yoplait wanted to make yogurt more attractive to teens. They did that by tapping a Brigham Young food scientist who added dry ice to the cultured dairy.


5. Baby Food for Adults

In 1974, Gerber thought it might trade on your nostalgia and offer a line of single-serving, ready-to-eat foods for the college crowd living on their own for the first time.


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