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While browsing, online shoppers focus most of their attention on your product images for Amazon. Amazon sellers need professional-looking photography for product listings, including detail shots, lifestyle scenes, and key images. 

An e-commerce seller used this PickFu poll to test two key images from a general audience of 50 respondents. Each image is a variation of a product flat lay showcasing the included colors, sponges, and brushes of the seller’s face and body paint kit.

Both key images have similar layouts but Option B includes a picture of a female model covered in the body paint. There are also variations in the features highlighted on the main graphics. Between the two product images for Amazon, can you guess which one won? 

The winner is… 

Taking 62% of the vote, Option B was the winner of this split testing poll. Option A received just 19 votes while Option B (the image with the model in body paint), received 31 votes. 

What can we learn from this poll? Let’s take a look at some of the written feedback from the respondents. 

Help customers imagine using your product 

The written comments left by respondents show that many of them were drawn to Option B because of the woman wearing the body paint.

  • “The woman and the way that she is painted makes the whole picture. I really enjoy the way that it looks.”
  • “That girl with the colorful birds in front of her is really capturing my imagination.”
  • “I like that the picture has a model included in it and shows the real potential for the paints.”
  • “Any time I can see a product actually being used in a shot, I think it’s a better sell for that product. Kinetic/’action’ shots just tend to work well.”

Whenever you can, help your customers imagine themselves using your products by including photos of models putting the products to work. This gives shoppers a better understanding of how your product works and how it will fit into their lives. 

Pay attention to the written feedback, even for the “loser” 

An advantage of using PickFu for testing product images for Amazon is the written comments. Every poll respondent explains what they liked about the option they did or didn’t vote for. 

In this poll, a few people mentioned they responded to the ‘32% off’ sticker in Option A, because they’re always concerned about saving money. One young male respondent commented that it was a ‘REALLY tough call’ between the two images, and he liked each option for different reasons. 

This kind of qualitative feedback would not be possible with traditional Amazon split testing. Receiving written comments from respondents in every poll gives you helpful ideas to base other decisions on. 

Key takeaways: product images for Amazon

Helping your customers picture themselves using your product increases their confidence and increases sales. In every Amazon listing, try to include images showcasing your product in action.

Once you’ve run a PickFu poll, dig into the data and information that comes with it. Look for patterns in the written feedback, allowing common themes to guide the next step of your business.  You can create a PickFu poll in just a few minutes, making it an effective tool to gather feedback on every aspect of your e-commerce products. 


Robyn Petrik

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