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At PickFu, we’re always talking about the importance of Amazon product photos. A consistent tip we’ve observed over the years: shoppers want to see every component that’s included with the purchase. Your product infographic design can be an attractive visual way to convey this information.

In this PickFu poll, a seller asked 50 Amazon Prime members which image they’d be most likely to click on. Each product infographic design showed six magnetic spice containers, a chalk pen, and labels, but only one option (Option B) showed the product packaging.

Can you guess which one won?

Which One Won?

Option B won handily, with a score of 80 to Option A’s score of 20.

10 respondents preferred Option A because it looked “clean.” However, 40 of 50 chose Option B as the obvious choice. The angle and presentation of the product in the second picture, as well as the presence of the box won the poll respondents over.

Show the packaging in your infographic

Shoppers like seeing your packaging, so design it well and include it in your infographics. Read just some of the comments from this poll:

  • “I like that I can see the box in [Option] B. I like seeing how it will be packaged and arrive at my house, and I also like being able to read more about what items are included. It’s hard to tell what all of the items are in [Option] A.”
  • “I like that [Option] B shows what the packaging looks like; I always feel like being able to see the package provides good information.”
  • “I chose [Option] B because I like the inclusion of the box in the listing. It gives me an idea of what this all would look like, and it provides a concise list of what is included with the product. It seems more comprehensive and useful.”
  • “[Option] B stands out as better to me. The packaging is clear, and the warranty is large and stands out so I can see it. The product is close to front and center and is easy to look at and examine. Seeing the box and that it will be boxed up nicely also draws my eyes in. The display is better and set up in a manner that draws the eye in.”
  • “If I were shopping for spice magnetic containers, I’d click on Option B, because I can see how the product looks neatly displayed and closer as far as the view, and it looks like a very professionally done image compared to Option A.”

Improving your product infographic design

Respondents liked the lifestyle layout of the spice jars in Option B. The professional quality of the image made them feel as though they were getting a more professional, high-quality product.

Showing the packaging added to their impression of quality, as did the inclusion of a warranty.

Ultimately, this seller walked away with a lot of useful information about how to improve their product images, beyond even the infographic. This knowledge will help drive more conversions if they use the feedback to improve other secondary images, the product description, and any A+ content.

Wondering which infographic works best for your new listing? Put your product infographic design options to the test with your own PickFu poll!


Rebekah Carter

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