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A book’s title tells your potential reader in just a few words why they should read your book. It’s an essential marketing tool that authors often agonize over.

Fortunately, writers can reduce the chances of investing in the wrong title by running their ideas through PickFu.

One author asked 50 people which title would be most appealing to them for a book about internet addiction and productivity.

  • Option A: Live like you mean it:The best digital guide to reach amazing productivity, fight internet addiction, and avoid time management failure by simply defeating several billion dollar companies.
  • Option B: Live like you mean it: The secret of defeating web-based procrastination and internet addiction. A simple plan that cost me years and tears to come up with.

Can you guess which one won?

Which One Won?

The results were close, with Option B earning 30 of the votes out of 50, and Option A receiving the other 20 votes.

Reading through the written comments, this author has the opportunity to drill down deeper into why certain people chose a specific title as their favorite. Example feedback:

  • “After carefully studying both titles, I chose Option A because it had a much more positive tone. I am not a ‘Debbie Downer’ and I tend to approach situations in life in a positive manner. It never pays to be negative.”
  • “I chose [Option] B because it has fewer words. [Option] A makes a statement about defeating billion-dollar companies that doesn’t seem possible. Neither one is very good, and both are too long for a book title. [Option] B has a couple of spelling errors.”
  • “I prefer Option B because it connects with the reader on a personal level and seems realistic. The creator seems honest and open in that it took them years and struggle to create this, it didn’t happen overnight. It providers the reader a sense of realism in that it will take time to defeat their internet addiction and procrastination behaviors, but it is possible. Option A seems unrealistic and doesn’t relate at all with the reader. With Option A stating that it’ll help you defeat several billion-dollar companies seems more like a scam or gimmick than actual help in achieving the goals of time management and internet addiction.”

Notably, one significant message that appeared in many of the comments left by respondents in the poll was that both titles seemed to be too long. This information might help the author craft a more concise title going forward.

Choosing the best title

Finding the right title for a book or an academic paper can be a difficult decision. Book titles need to get a lot of information across in a short space. It’s easy to let your imagination get the better of you, and you could end up with a title that’s just too long or complicated.

Running a PickFu poll helps this author to get insight into some of the words and ideas that were relevant to the title. At the same time, the poll gave the author vital information: that both options were too long.

If you’re having a similar problem naming your own book, why not run your own PickFu poll? Once you’ve chosen the perfect title for your new book, make sure you know how to fully optimize your sales or product page with this handy guide.


Rebekah Carter

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