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A common question polled on PickFu is which featured photo would work better on Amazon. It’s an important question for vendors, especially considering there are over310 million Amazon customers. And given that Amazon sells over12 million products, a company needs to stand out.

The responses from one recentPickFu poll provide fantastic insight into what makes a potential customer click on an item to buy.

Scratch Magic Notes, a creative stencil product, asked 50 respondents, “Which Amazon main photo works better?”

Option A featured a box of the product with the stencils laid out and a sample drawing from the stencils.

Which One Won? Standing Out on Amazon

Option B showed the same product from a further distance, with the stencils displayed underneath the box.

Which One Won? Standing Out on Amazon

Can you guess which one won?

Out of 50 respondents, 76% preferred Option A and 24% preferred Option B.

Product Visibility

The most common reason why respondents preferred Option A is because it displayed the product better. One respondent wrote, “I like this photo better because it gives a very good idea of what is included. I like the fact that you can see everything that comes with it.” Though both photos display everything that comes with it, many felt that the placement of the stencils in Option A made it more clear.

Not only did Option A display everything in the kit, but it also showed an example of what the notes look like when used. One respondent pointed out, “I have no idea what this is until I see them in use.”

It is worth noting, however, that a small number of survey respondents did like seeing less. Most of the respondents who preferred Option B felt that it was less cluttered.

Product Proximity

Respondents also reacted to the proximity of the products. They noted that the closeness of Option A worked better than the more distant Option B.

Many felt that the larger photo made reading the text on the packaging easier, which helped them better understand the product.

How Can You Stand Out on Amazon?

When considering photography options for Amazon, ask yourself, is it clear what you are selling? Viewers want to know exactly what they are getting. To do this, make sure that the photograph displays the entire package and that the shot is close enough. Remember, optimizing your images could increase your sales significantly. In fact, one of our customers more than doubled his sales after testing photos on PickFu. 

In addition to your featured photo, get more insights into how to optimize your Amazon product page, including your product name, description, and pricing information. Then you’ll be ready to set up your own PickFu poll.



Tara Porter

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