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Since the contents of a subscription box are ever-changing, the box itself must represent the brand and convey what treasures customers can expect when they open it.

The Tapas Club, a gourmet Spanish food subscription box, recently used PickFu to get feedback about the design of its box. The seller received 50 responses from the general population in 24 minutes.

Option A features red and white Spanish tile print, while Option B’s multicolor illustrations showcase different aspects of Spanish culture.

Can you guess which one won?

And the winner is… Option B, with a resounding 41 out of 50 votes. Let’s take a look at why Option B was victorious and what lessons we can take away.

Does the design successfully tell the story of your product?

In this poll, preferences ultimately come down to which box feels the most Spanish, and thus best represents the product.

While Option A utilizes a beautiful and culturally-appropriate Spanish tile print, Option B features images we strongly associate with the country, including sangria, soccer (or football), flamenco dancing, and guitar. Overall, Option B, with its easily recognizable cultural touchstones, is better at communicating the idea of Spain.

One respondent who chose Option B wrote that it “gives more of an impression of a Spanish gift box. It has the dancers, guitar players and buildings.” Another wrote that it “will get people more interested because it connects them to the Spanish culture more. [Option A] is just a design that could be on any type of subscription box; it’s not very unique.”

Many people who chose Option B also said that they liked its colorful design, as opposed to the two-color palette of A. Some added that they associated the word colorful with Spain.

Beware of misinterpretation

There’s another problem with Option A: three people wrote that they associate the pattern and color with Christmas. “Option A seems more like a Christmas box – not a Spanish gift box,” one respondent wrote. This is why testing is crucially important: it surfaces misinterpretations that you may not be aware of. Confusion isn’t good for sales, to say the least.

Key takeaways

The artwork created for a product should be more than just pretty: it should tell the story of your product. While Options A and B are both visually appealing and well-designed, B won out in the end because it encapsulated the feel of Spain.

This poll also shows us the dangers of misinterpretation. A product image must be as clear as possible so that someone can glance at an online ad and immediately get a feel for your product. Shoppers won’t usually take the time to investigate if they don’t immediately understand what’s for sale.

As we see, a handful of people associate Option A with Christmastime. Take time to recognize any aspect of your product that could lead to confusion. Is it clear what an illustration is depicting?

It’s hard to be objective about your own creation, which is why split testing with PickFu can be illuminating. Your PickFu poll may identify problems that you hadn’t even thought of while there’s still time to address them —not after your product listing is already live. Create your own PickFu poll here.


Madeline Raynor

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