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What’s the best way to display an array of products? How can you organize the multiple photos into a single, attractive, and enticing photo to feature online? This was the question at the heart of this PickFu poll, in which a seller asked 50 Amazon Prime members to select the subscription box packaging design they preferred.

Option A uses more white space and highlights “20 snacks” in the bottom right corner.

Option B fills more of the image frame, including the sides of the box, and moves the 20-snack highlight to the top right corner.

Can you guess which one won?

Which subscription box packaging design won?

Option B was the winner in this poll, with 33 of the votes (66%).

This poll is an excellent example of how even tiny details like the position of the text in the top-right corner and the placement of snacks in the corners of the photo can make a big difference. Some example comments:

  • “I like [Option] B because I think the snacks in the lower right and left corners make it look like you get more, even though they both say 20. That gets my attention first, so I would click on it over [Option] A.”
  • “[Option B] is the one that would catch my eye easier. I like the green ’20 snacks’ at the top right corner rather than the bottom right. It immediately caught my eye and would do so again on a website.”
  • “I chose option B as my favorite because it had the ’20 Snacks’ in the upper corner. It caught my eye right away, so I knew how many there were. It was harder for me to notice when it was down at the bottom along with the name.”
  • “Option B looks more impressive because the snacks are spaced farther apart and take up more of the screen.”

While about one-third of respondents preferred Option A, many agreed that the placement of the text in the upper corner of the page was more eye-catching. Even if the seller were to move forward with Option A, this placement would be a good suggestion to consider incorporating.

Don’t launch alone

This poll highlights how the position of text can draw consumer interest, as well as how certain design tricks can convey value. Even though the customers got the same number of items in both photos, eliminating white space by using the sides of the image helped respondents feel as though they were getting even more for their money.

Are you wondering which main image you should use for your product listings? Try your own PickFu poll and get the feedback you need to launch new products with confidence.


Rebekah Carter

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