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When creating a new mobile app, it’s easy to get caught up in the big choices, like the logo or brand colors. But as you get further along in development, it’s time to test app design details.    

For example, the creator of an app called HappySeller already had most of the design completed. In this PickFu poll, they simply tested two different colors for the bottom navigation bar. 

The navigation bar is dark gray in Option A and light gray in Option B, while all the other details in the app design are the same. After taking a look at both options, can you guess which design won? 

Which design won this poll? 

Overwhelmingly, the winner of this poll was Option A with the darker gray navigation bar. Option A received 48 out of 50 votes, or 96% of the vote, making it an obvious winner. What makes the darker gray a better design choice according to the respondents? Let’s take a look. 

When you test app design, make sure the details are easy to see  

Thanks to the written feedback left by the respondents, we can see two clear reasons why Option A was preferred. First, respondents felt like the dark grey was easier on the eyes. “I prefer Option A because I think the dark grey color highlights the bottom options that are available,” said one voter. “It is easier to read with the greater contrast,” said an older female.

The second reason respondents preferred the darker gray of Option A was that the light gray in Option B made the app look like it wasn’t fully working. “When something is very light grey, I think that you cannot take action on it,” explained one voter. Another respondent said almost the same thing, stating, “The lighter shade almost looks like the color you get when options are not available/greyed out.”

Other ways to use PickFu polls     

Many PickFu polls focus on bigger picture details, such as deciding between brand names, logos, or app icons. However, there are endless ways you can use polls to test the smaller details of your new app, too. Similar to HappySeller testing the color of its navigation bar, you can create a poll to test smaller details such as: 

  • font styles or sizes
  • accent colors 
  • taglines and slogans
  • App Store screenshots 

Key takeaways     

It’s important not to skip over the smaller details as you develop your mobile app. A subtle difference in the color of the navigation bar for HappySeller had a massive impact on the perception of the respondents, and you don’t want to miss similar opportunities in your app. For as little as $50, you can get feedback on your app by setting up your own PickFu poll. You can test images, text, links, and even videos with a real audience who will vote and leave written feedback about their choices. 


Robyn Petrik

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