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This week, we’ll examine the importance of product design, illustrated by this PickFu poll. An e-commerce seller split-tested patterns for reusable beeswax food wraps. Both images feature styles that are beautiful and well-designed, but the audience of 50 Amazon Prime members were tasked with choosing one.

In Option A, the three patterns are bees, avocados, and pineapples. In Option B, there are three geometric/honeycomb patterns.

It’s a tough choice, but one option came out ahead. Can you guess which one won?

And the winner is… Option B, with 28 out of 50 votes. Here’s why:

The importance of product design that’s simple and classy

Although all the patterns got some love from the audience, the majority preferred the designs in Option B because they are, as three respondents put it, “classy,” as opposed to the fun and quirky ones in Option A. Opponents of Option A described the wraps as “cheesy” and “tacky.” One woman wrote, “There is too much going on.” Proponents of Option B described the patterns as “neutral,” “conservative,” and “subtle.” Option B is undeniably the safer choice.

One woman summed it up well when she wrote, “The prints in [Option] B are universally appealing.” It’s a smart idea to choose a pattern that appeals to the masses; one that people would not have strong objections to or think “That’s just not my style.”

But the results of this poll don’t mean that the seller should throw Option A in the trash. After all, 22 people liked the playful patterns! The seller might consider making both available, but Option B should absolutely be the main image on Amazon.

Two little details that will bother perfectionists

Two specific problems in Option A might irritate those who are literal-minded or crave order (and there are a lot of the latter on the internet, as lists like this prove). What happens when you use the avocado wrap for a bowl full of something besides avocados? For some, that just wouldn’t sit right. “It would bother me to put something other than avocado in the avocado patterned one,” wrote one female aged 25–34. Another woman aged 45–54 wrote, “I don’t care for the patterns with foods or the bees upon them because I can see the foods on the paper causing confusion in my family who are often literal about what they think is in a wrap and the bee image might freak out my child who is afraid of bees.”

Another respondent raised the same issue about the bee pattern: “I also don’t like the bug image for wrapping food.”

One way to solve this problem is to offer both sets. These persnickety customers could choose to buy the geometric patterns.

The importance of product design: key takeaways

When choosing patterns, cater to what’s universally appealing. Hexagons? Good. Pineapples? Maybe not as much… although some people will go crazy for a pineapple pattern. So why not both? If you have two or more options than garner good response from respondents, sell both, but choose the most popular one for the Amazon main image.

Lastly, when you’re in the design stages, try to anticipate any quibbles a potential buyer might have with a pattern. As we saw from this poll, bugs are a thorny territory when dealing with food. One person might find a bee pattern cute, but insects on kitchen gear might make others queasy.

Of course, you won’t be able to anticipate everything. That’s why a split test is highly effective for unlocking insights about your product. Ready to get started? Create a PickFu poll now.


Madeline Raynor

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