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Comfort, ergonomics, and general wellbeing are all big businesses right now. As our time in front of our computers grows longer, smart online sellers know they shouldn’t choose trending products to sell without consulting target shoppers first.

That’s why this seller ran a PickFu poll to ask 50 Amazon Prime members which back support cushion they would rather buy.

Which One Won?

Option B narrowly won with 28 votes out of 50. According to respondents, Option B looked bigger and more supportive than Option A. However, some respondents preferred the modern design of Option A. For example, one respondent said, “I would buy [Option] B because it looks like it would provide more support. It looks bigger and like it wraps around the back a little. I prefer the color and aesthetics of [Option] A, though.”

Another respondent preferred the more compact Option B. “I chose Option A because it is a sleeker design and a little smaller. I believe it would fit in most office chairs better than Option B. I have had a cushion like Option B before, and it is a little too bulky and hard to fit in most office chairs.”

Form vs. function

The respondents that chose Option A preferred its style, which might inform not only which trending products to sell, but also what colors to offer it in, and how to photograph it. For example, one respondent wrote, “I would choose Option A because it appears to offer better lumbar back support. Option B is hard to determine the curves of it with the color being all black.”

Respondents who chose Option B felt it looked more robust and delivered greater value for money. “I have a wide back, and Option B looks to provide more support for my body. I also have a black office chair, so this will blend in very nicely and won’t stand out like Option A,” said one respondent.

Another agreed, saying, “I’m going with [Option] B because it looks as though there is more support on the sides, and I think that’s very important, at least it is for me and I spend a lot of time in my office chair.”

Deciding which trending products to sell

The close results in this poll indicate that the seller could appeal to customers with either product. There might even be an opportunity to develop a new product version, combining the positive features of the two cushions. Close results often mean that the buying decision comes down to subjective motivations like color or style.

We’ve examined other close results in polls like this one and this one. In these situations, carefully reading and weighing each comment is even more important as you make your decisions. If you need more data, you can also add more respondents to your poll to see if a clearer winner emerges.

Are you considering different products to sell? Be sure to use PickFu to gain confidence in your selections before you go into production or commit to inventory. We’ve got a step-by-step guide to get you started here, or you can watch the video below:


Rebekah Carter

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