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The scenario: Your PickFu poll ends in a tie.

The problem: There’s no clear winner. How do you move forward with your creative decision?

You want to take your branding in a new direction, so you run a PickFu poll to see which of two brand mood boards your audience prefers.

And the winner is…neither. The poll ends in tie. Now what?

In this video, Amazon branding expert Daniela Bolzmann of Mindful Goods uses the example of a toothbrush brand considering a refresh to explain why a tied poll is still valuable.

Even though there might not be a clear winner, you can analyze the comments and filter the data further to find patterns that will lead you in the right direction.

Watch the video to find out what this toothbrush company learned about its target audience. For more of Daniela’s videos for e-commerce sellers, check out our YouTube channel

Have you run a poll that ended in a tie? What did you learn from it? Share in the comments!

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Janet Rausa Fuller

Janet Rausa Fuller (she/her) is the content marketing manager at PickFu. Her editorial experience spans print and digital, newsroom and agency. She spent years at the Chicago Sun-Times as a reporter and later the food editor before shifting to marketing and content creation. She could live without dark chocolate, but she’d rather not.

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