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Online webinars are a popular means for businesses to demonstrate their expertise and build an audience. In addition to compelling content, your webinar title must attract attendees. So how should you name your webinar? 

In this PickFu poll, an entrepreneur tested two webinar titles.   

Option A: [Webinar] Video for Business: How to make it work for me
Option B: [Webinar] Video for Business: How to get ahead 

Which webinar title won?  

Despite two very different titles, the poll resulted in a close finish! Option B took the lead with just 54% overall. Out of 50 votes, Option B received 27 votes while Option A ended close behind with 23 votes. 

Why was it such a close call between the two webinar titles? Let’s take a closer look.

Should webinar titles be personalized or motivational?

According to respondents, both webinar titles had their appeal. Several voters commented they chose Option A because they found the phrase get ahead overused and stale. One voter expressed that “Option A is much more appealing and unique.” Another common strength that emerged for Option A was personalization and accessibility. A young woman said this title made her “feel like the webinar is going to be more easily approachable and accessible than others.”

On the flip side, many voters liked the idea of getting ahead with Option B as a webinar title. A male voter mentioned he preferred this title because it “implies the webinar will give me the edge.” Respondents generally felt this title was more motivational and exciting. 

While neither of the webinar titles is long nor complicated, Option B had the advantage of being a bit shorter and easier to read. A few respondents appreciated the conciseness and directness of How to get ahead. Though the difference was only a few words in length, these responses show you how much every word counts! 

Know what motivates your audience 

In a close poll like this, you must know your audience and what motivates them. If your audience responds to the idea of success, then it’s easy to choose Option B after seeing the results of this poll.

However, if the audience appreciates a friendlier and more personalized approach, then Option A is a great fit. When choosing a title for your own webinar, spend time researching your audience and understanding what motivates them. 

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Run your own PickFu poll

You could split test different webinar titles, but that will require running the same webinar multiple times and is quite a time investment. Instead, run a PickFu poll of your own! It’s a quick and affordable option for getting feedback from real-world people.   


Robyn Petrik

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