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A PickFu pollster tested two potential names for a website and YouTube channel that reviews handbags, messenger bags, and backpacks. The poll asked 50 women to choose between Bag Vids (Option A) and Bag Reports (Option B) Which channel name would you pick? Which one do you think our test group chose? Check out the poll results.

A Crushing Win

Bag Reports won overwhelmingly, with 78% of respondents preferring it over Bag Vids, which garnered only 22% of the vote. Looking closely at the commentary, the true vote tally was 80-20, as one Bag Vids voter explicitly stated in her response that she preferred Bag Reports, indicating that she likely misvoted. About 10% of respondents voted for one name over the other but said in their comments that they didn’t have a strong preference.

Voters who chose Bag Vids remarked on a number of things they liked about the name. Respondents called it “cute and inviting” as well as “cooler and more modern.” Half of the Bag Vids voters thought Bag Reports seemed “dull” and “boring.” On the flip side, among the respondents preferring Bag Reports, many thought it seemed “professional,” “classy,” and “reputable.” Almost half of the Bag Reports voters were critical of the word vids, saying it seemed “clickbaity,” “flaky,” and “awkward.”

What About the Youth Vote?

As is often the case in PickFu polls, voting patterns varied along demographic lines. Respondents 24 and younger went against the trend and voted for Bag Vids by a 64-36 margin. No other age bracket even came close to 40% support for Bag Vids, but the youngest voters favored it by a fairly substantial margin. Of course, this demographic targeting could be incredibly relevant for the company if it chooses to pursue the youth market.

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Robert Hayes

Robert Hayes is a freelance writer and editor who lives in Colorado.

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