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What type of logo will get people excited about a high-end line of footwear insoles? One that’s not so pedestrian, according to this PickFu poll.

The user asked 50 respondents to rank three logos for a “high-quality/expensive” comfort insole to be sold on Amazon with the brand name Foot Soljer.

Options A and C feature bold, black lettering and an orange foot. Option B uses a blue-and-green color scheme. Can you guess which one won?

And the winner is…Option C, with a score of 58. Option A finished second with a score of 42, and Option B scored 20.

Let’s take a look at why Option C won.

Grounded in military-inspired design

Respondents had strong feelings about the colors of the logos. Those in favor of Option B said the “friendly” combination of blue and green stands out more.

Respondents who voted for Options A and C liked the orange-and-black color scheme for the same reason: it’s more eye-catching than blue and green.

But the color and design also have to fit the brand, and that’s where Option C excels. Remember, this isn’t a cheap insole. The name Foot Soljer evokes a rugged masculinity. (Never mind that women are soldiers too, but we digress.)

Option C, with its military-inspired star and chevron detail, fits the brand best, respondents said.

Still, some didn’t care for any of the three logos, as you’ll see in the comments below. That’s something this brand shouldn’t take lightly.

The winning logo design for the Foot Soljer insole.
Option C’s winning design.

Other highlights

  • Respondents age 45-54 were split 50-50 between Options B and C
  • 35-to-44-year-old respondents preferred Option A (41.7%) over Options B (25%) and C (33.3%)
  • The highest-earning respondents most preferred Option C (80%), followed by those who made less than $30k (61.9%)
Screenshot of Foot Soljer poll results filtered by income
The results filtered by income.

What they said

“These logos look way too fun and playful to convey a sense of luxury or expensiveness. I didn’t get that sense at all especially with the tacky neon orange color on Options A and C. At least Option B had slightly more professional colors.”

“I like the use of color in [Option] B. Really stands out. I like the foot used almost as an exclamation mark in [Option] A. Very clever.”

“[Option] C seems to fit the idea of ‘soljer’ better than the others; the footprint design and font used remind me of the military. [Option] A has a good font, but the foot design seems kind of childish for the branding. [Option] B looks a bit too whimsical and silly.”

“Since the shoe is for everyday comfort and nothing more intense, I ranked the designs by the most welcoming and laidback. The tones of Option B in particular are very fun and inviting. Option C feels like an ad for marathon runners, not everyday wear.”

“Having the SOL and JER on opposite lines is literally something you would see on Reddit for bad designs. It makes it harder to read and like it is 3 words, and not even English. So I chose [Option C] last. [Option A], with the squiggly foot that looks like an exclamation point, is definitely the best option IMO. [Option B] is good, just too average.”

A person wearing white, green, and blue running shoes steps on a dirt road.
Blue and green — love it or hate it?

Key takeaway

A brand should carefully consider its target audience — and every bit of feedback it gets — when designing a logo. Even a winning logo design can be better.

Read our guide to testing logo designs to make sure yours will resonate with customers.

Want to dive deeper?

Responses by commonly used words:

Responses by gender:


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