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Scrolling through e-commerce product photos is the online version of window shopping, so it’s important to make them as enticing as possible. After all, before you land a satisfied customer, you first need an interested shopper.

In this PickFu poll, the seller wanted to know which photo of a juggling set best demonstrates what’s included in the purchase or, more to the point — which one will get more clicks.

The set includes balls and a German-language e-book for beginners. The seller wasn’t sure how best to display it all.

In just under 2 hours, they had their answer. Can you guess which one won?

The winner, with more than 70% of the vote, was Option A. Why did people choose it and what can we learn from the results? Let’s take a look at the feedback.

It’s in the bag

This poll targeted Amazon Prime members, a lucrative market in e-commerce.

So what do Amazon Prime members, who are experienced shoppers, want in a product image? They want to know what, exactly, they’re buying. 

The little black bag was the most common reason why respondents chose Option A. It’s not so much that they wanted to buy the set because they wanted the bag. They just wanted to see everything included in the set.  

This is important in e-commerce, when you have to buy something without touching, testing, or seeing it in person. If your product image shows customers exactly what they’re paying for, they’ll feel more confident about their purchase.

Respondents also mentioned the text on the e-book cover. In Option B, the book cover is at an angle. It’s more photogenic — but harder to read, respondents said.

Ultimately, Amazon Prime shoppers opted for the clarity of Option A over the aesthetics of Option B.

Other highlights

  • Results were consistent between genders, with 72% of both female and male respondents voting in favor for Option A.
  • Although the majority of 25-to-34-year-olds voted for Option A, this group also had the highest support among all age groups for Option B (33.3%). That’s not surprising given that digital readers tend to be younger.
Results filtered by age in a PickFu poll testing product photos for a juggling set
Option A was the favorite across all age groups.

What they said

“I like Option A because the products are placed evenly throughout the photo. Having the bag makes it more appealing.”

“I picked [Option] A because it has a picture of the sleeve that holds the balls. More to the picture.”

“I would click Option A because the design was easier to read and also showed the bag in the image. I liked that the book was head on and therefore much easier to read the title. I also liked that it included a bag for the balls, whereas that was not shown in Option B.”

“I like the layout of all the parts in [Option] A much better. I can see the book much better, and I can also see that the balls come in a carrying bag.”

Key takeaway

In e-commerce, showing is better than telling — and more is more when it comes to product photos. Shoppers want to see everything they’re getting with their purchase, even something as minor as a black carrying bag.

It’s also worth noting that some people had issues with the tilted book cover in Option B. Shoppers, in particular Amazon Prime members, seem to prefer a clear product image over a more artistic one. 

Learn more about how to create product images that sell in this article on e-commerce photography.

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