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When choosing the main image for your product listing, consider every option — especially those outside the box.

In this PickFu ranked poll, the seller needed to decide between four images for an eco-friendly oral care kit. Three of the photos feature an aerial view of the kit with the contents in various arrangements. The fourth, Option D, simply shows the open box.

Narrowing the audience to 50 Amazon Prime members, the seller asked the question, “Which Amazon listing main image would you most likely click on?”

Can you guess which one won?

Which One Won?

The winner is…Option C by a hefty margin, with 30 of 50 votes and a final score of 60. Option B, the runner-up, wasn’t even close with a score of 16. Option D came in last with only five votes and a score of 10.

Let’s break down the results.

Show all the items in a kit

Respondents liked being able to see the items in the oral care kit. Option C does the best job of zooming in and showing exactly what’s in the box, they said.

“I would like to see everything that I am getting in the set, so I chose [Option] C first. [Option] C is also larger than the picture in [Option] B,” wrote one respondent. “[Options] A and D show limited products that I am getting, though [Option] A shows more than [Option] D.”

Another person who ranked Option C first said the image offered “the best view of the products themselves,” adding, “[Option] D is my last choice; I wouldn’t trust it because it doesn’t show me the products themselves at all.”

Respondents also liked how the products in Option C are artfully arranged at an angle. Options A and B showed some, if not all, of the items in the kit; Option C just did it better.

“The angle of the items makes this image more interesting and draws your eye in,” one person wrote. “It also shows off all of the products I will get in an easy-to-see manner.”

This respondent and a handful of others also said the layout of Option C makes it look like a better value compared to the other images.

Key takeaway: Be transparent

Customers want transparency. They want to know what they’re getting with their purchase, especially if the product is a kit containing multiple items. Your main product image should show that.

Learn more about how to make your product photos stand out in this comprehensive guide.

Whether you’ve hired a professional photographer or you’re doing it yourself, your main image will have a big impact on your product listing and ultimately your sales.


Rebekah Carter

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