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When marketing a product, it’s important that potential customers have a clear understanding of what the product does. The benefits need to stand out clearly in the ad. But what is the right amount of information to provide? 

A recent PickFu poll for a workout supplement can help us answer that question. The company Nutritive Vitality asked the test panel to indicate which ad they would click on first.

Option A features a man with defined muscles leaning over to pick up a barbell. The headline “Train More Gain More” is in large, bold text, followed by a detailed description of what the customer could get from the product.


Option B shows a muscular man facing sideways, pushing a large tire over. In the background are the words “Superior Ingredients for Superior Results,” and in the bottom right corner, we see a picture of the supplement pill bottle.


Can you guess which one won?

Out of 50 respondents, 36 preferred Option A, as opposed to the 14 who preferred Option B. 

Tell Me More

Nearly a half of the test panel participants who picked Option A said they did so because they found the image to be more informative. They felt like it was clear exactly what the product would do for them. Option B, on the other hand, was less clear. One respondent stated that “B doesn’t tell me what’s in the pill bottle.”

An individual looking at Option B would know that the product has superior ingredients and superior results — and based on the man pushing the tire, the potential customer could connect the dots and conclude that the product would make them stronger. However, Option A is more explicit, by stating that the product will:

  1. Naturally improve physique
  2. Build lean and strong muscles
  3. Get them the body they always wanted

Contrast and Clarity

Respondents also found the text in Option A easier to read. One participant observed that “the text is visible and legible, especially the brand name. In Choice B the text was very easy to glance over and miss.”

Part of this is due to the fact that the text in Option B is more of a background element; the grey color and texture of the font blends into the black. However, the white text in Option A contrasts well against the black background.

Supporting Text with Visuals

The visual cue of the man also appealed to respondents. Test panel participants described the man in Option A using phrases such as visually appealing, having a better body, and looking much more impressive. One participant stated that “It looks like you could be the guy in the ad if only you took the product.”

Some respondents also noted that the man pushing the tire in Option B implies that the product could make them that strong, but it seems as though the physical appearance and muscle definition of the man in Option A was more inspiring for the majority of the test panel.

What Does This Mean For You?

When designing an ad, it’s important to be clear on exactly what the product does for the user. Having bold text (with few words) that clearly and briefly states one main benefit is helpful, but it might be useful to add a brief blurb (in smaller text) to offer more information on the product.

Contrast is also helpful in designing ads. The text needs to pop and, in this case, muscles needed to pop as well! 

To make sure that your product’s benefit is clear to your ad viewers, we recommend creating your own PickFu poll. It’s a simple way to receive unbiased feedback on your ad within minutes.


Tara Porter

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