Which One Won? Giving a boost to a nutrition book for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs spend unholy amounts of time growing their business. Minding their health can easily move to the bottom of their list of priorities. How does an author of a nutrition book make busy entrepreneurs pay attention to this important issue? With a compelling cover, of course.

In this PickFu poll, the author tested three covers with an audience of small-business owners.

Option A features a row of apples, including a shiny golden one, and a green-and-white color scheme. Options B and C ditch the apples for arrows, bold colors, and energetic fonts.

Can you guess which one won?

And the winner is…Option A! With 26 of 50 votes and a score of 52 to Option B’s 28 and Option C’s 20, Option A was the clear favorite. Let’s find out why.

Fruit, front and center

Respondents noted that Option A is the only cover to showcase food, and not only food, but fruit.

“The fruit makes it more attractive and easily and quickly conveys the subject of the book,” said one respondent.

The golden apple is a fitting image for this book, respondents said. One person called it a “great nod to the entrepreneur who would be interested in this book. He or she is one of a kind and needs to be healthy.”

The arrow design of the other covers is “too much like other self-help books to be noticed,” the same person wrote.

Another respondent liked the use of photography in Option A and said the golden apple is a “striking image (the cover as a whole reminds me of Freakonomics in a good way)” — a reference to the best-selling book that featured an apple on the cover, cut open to reveal the flesh of an orange.

Go green

Several respondents said Option A’s green color scheme fits the health-focused theme of the book and its target audience.

“Green is the best color when talking about business and money-related topics,” a respondent noted.

By contrast, some respondents were put off by Option B’s red theme. One called it “overly aggressive.”

“The book with the lighter color background like white or yellow are more appealing to my eyes than the glaring red color,” wrote another.

Stick with simple font

Respondents also had plenty of opinions about the font treatment on the covers.

“[I] dislike the weird blur effect used on the font in Option B (which usually conveys speed, but I don’t really see how that fits the advertised contents of the book),” wrote one respondent.

Another said of Option C, “I’m annoyed by the downward slopping font of ‘optimized’ in the title, because it a) makes the initial letters look crushed in and hard to read and b) doesn’t go along with the book’s theme of progress and upward mobility.”

Key takeaways for a nutrition book

If you’re writing a book about nutrition, it makes sense to show a healthy food item on the cover so readers know immediately what the book is about.

In this case, the golden apple on the cover serves as a clever metaphor for the healthy, successful entrepreneur. Combined with simple fonts and green hues, it’s enough to inspire even the most time-starved business owner.

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