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Sometimes, the slightest change makes the biggest difference in your product photos. That’s what one seller discovered in this PickFu poll. The seller wanted to know whether positioning a product in different ways — in this case, a set of pet lint rollers with refills — would have an effect on customer appeal.

Both images show a row of lint rollers with one refill sitting on top. The one difference? The refill is just to the right in Option A, while in Option B, it’s smack in the center.

Can you guess which one won?

Which One Won?

Option B was the clear winner with 37 out of 50 votes.

Respondents’ comments revealed a lot about how consumers prefer to view items online. In short, people like symmetry in photos because it seems to convey a more professional and thoughtful approach.

Here’s some of the feedback from respondents:

  • “I choose [Option] B because it looks better centered and as a result more appealing to the eye.”
  • “I prefer Option B because this position satisfies my inner OCD, if I’m honest. I find this layout to be neat and orderly. While the other choice, Option A, looks kind of random or that there wasn’t a lot of effort put into the arrangement.”
  • “[Option] B just looks more balanced with the rollers on each side and the extra refill in the middle. [Option] A makes my head hurt a little bit looking at it because it’s not symmetrical.”
  • “I prefer Option B over Option A because I like the way the roller is in the middle facing forward on the top layer. It is symmetrical and feels comfortably right.”
  • “I like this position because it draws my eye right to the center, and I immediately notice the brand name of the product, which is good to get a sell.”

Position a product for success

Even the tiniest tweak to the positioning of a product in a photo can have a big impact on whether customers feel compelled to click. In this case, symmetry made all the difference.

For more on how to perfect not only your product photography but your entire product listing, check out our guide to listing optimization.


Rebekah Carter

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