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When you’re shopping online and you pull up a product listing, what do you usually look at first? E-commerce sellers know the answer: the product photo. It’s no wonder they put so much effort into getting their main product image just right.

In this PickFu poll, an Amazon seller put two images of a colorful chore reward chart up for a vote, asking 50 Amazon Prime members which one they like better and why.

Option A includes the chart’s dimensions and a hard-to-miss “Highly Customizable” label. It also shows how someone might fill out the chart. Option B shows the items that come with the chart, which is left blank.

Can you guess which one won?

Which One Won?

Option A won by a landslide, with 38 of 50 votes and a score of 76.

While respondents could see the components of the chart in Option B, the majority said Option A helped them better visualize how they’d use it at home.

Size up

The larger image size not only offered a more detailed view of the chart, it made the product look more appealing.

Here’s more of what respondents had to say:

  • “I love seeing the example sheet filled out. It makes me imagine how I would want to use it as well.”
  • “I like [Option] A. It’s a much larger image, and I like seeing the product in use. I can see how all of the components work and see how it is actually customizable.”
  • “I like the image that shows the product in use, so you can easily see the purpose and how you would use it if you purchased. I also like that it gives you the width and height of the product.”
  • “I chose Option A because I like the image better. It is more creative and kid-friendly.”

Option B confused some respondents.

“I don’t understand what point the colors on the right [in Option B] prove. [Option A] seems to better use the space it is given,” one person wrote.

Another said the colored squares in Option B “make no sense to me from a distance.”

Show and tell

Your product photo should show your customers exactly what they’re getting. In this seller’s case, the larger, more detailed image also showed how customers could best use the product.

Read more about how to make your photos and product pages stand out in our guide to Amazon listing optimization.


Rebekah Carter

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