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Product images may be the most important part of your e-commerce listing, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the written parts of the listing. Potential customers read through product titles and descriptions, looking for features and selling points to convince them which product to choose. 

In this PickFu poll, an e-commerce shop owner tested two product titles with an audience of 50 Amazon Prime members who were also hikers. Both titles share some similar features and keywords, but Option A highlighted relief from neck and back pain while Option B highlighted that it would retain its shape for 5 years.  

Option A: Shredded Memory-Foam Camping Pillow – Ideal for Relieving Neck/Back Pain, 100% FREE of Toxic Chemicals and Smell, Ultra-Light & Compact

Option B: Camping Pillow with Shredded Memory-Foam – Retains its Shape for 5+ Years, 100% FREE of Toxic Chemicals and Smell, Fully Adjustable & Hypoallergenic

Which product title won the poll?   

This poll was a close call! Option B received 27 votes while Option A received 23 votes. With the results being so close, can we call Option B a clear winner? Let’s take a look at some of the feedback to see how respondents felt. 

Different features appeal to different people     

Looking through the poll comments, we see that respondents were drawn towards different features of the pillow. 

  • “As a back pain sufferer, I am drawn to the “Relieving Neck/Back Pain” statement first.”
  • “When I am camping, relieving neck and back pain is the least of my concerns. That is why Option A is a more appealing choice.”
  • “This headline is more about me. Ultra-light and compact is more important for me than saying it’s hypoallergenic.”
  • “I need pillows that are hypoallergenic so that’s why I picked Option B.”
  • “I like the retains its shape for 5+ Years in Option B. This sounds like a durable product.”

As you can see, much of the feedback came from personal preferences and contradicted what other respondents had to say. People were drawn to different features in the product title. Because they’re thinking about themselves and what they would be more likely to purchase, it is difficult to declare either option a clear winner. 

What do you learn from a close poll?      

When your poll finishes with results that are nearly tied, it may mean respondents find little difference between the options you presented. A close poll may also mean that respondents found both options appealing, which is great news.

So how can you tell the difference? Read through the comments and look for common themes. You can also respond to comments and ask specific respondents to elaborate on their feedback. Finally, you may need to tweak your options and retest them. 

Invest in multiple PickFu polls 

When the respondents don’t come back with a clear winner, you can always run another PickFu poll. Try changing your options so the differences between them are more obvious or increase the number of respondents from 50 to 100 so you receive a greater variety of feedback. We’ve designed the pricing of PickFu polls so you always know how much the poll will cost before you run it, so you can easily forecast your expenses and control how much you spend.


Robyn Petrik

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