Which One Won? Guess which logo best reflects organic skincare

Organic skincare company Akhal ran a test of two potential logos. The logo needed to reflect that Akhal’s range of products come from plants sourced 100% from small farmers. To reflect its high-end market, the audience for the test comprised women with household income between $60K and $100K. While both logos had a similar visual design (the company name and tagline in a circle), the iconography differed. Option A featured an interwoven leaf and flower pattern, while Option B was an abstract heart-shaped leaf. See if you can guess which logo made a more positive impact, then check out the poll here.

Option A:

Option B:


Did you guess correctly?

The leaf and flower logo (Option A) lead the poll by a solid 70-30 margin. Both options had fans, however. Admirers of the heart logo interpreted it as signifying honesty, organicity, and aesthetic appeal. Leaf and flower advocates thought it suggested closeness to nature, prettiness, and better evoked the plant-based products. Several respondents also indicated what they disliked about their non-preferred choice. One Option A voter remarked that the heart logo looked like it was meant for a doctor’s office. Another thought it looked like an arrowhead used for piercing the skin. One even remarked the heart looked juvenile. Respondents who preferred the heart design thought the flower logo was distracting and overly complicated.

All demographic subgroups preferred the leaf and flower logo, though you can see some variations by age bracket. Support for the leaf and flower was weakest among women 25-34, at 58%. Women over 65 unanimously preferred the leaf and flower; however, this age bracket had a small number of respondents. There were no responses from women under 25, likely because of the poll’s income floor.

Why imagery matters

This survey demonstrates how imagery in a logo makes a big difference in overall brand perceptions. Respondents reveal whether the logo is in tune with the overall product messaging, in this case, a focus on organicity and plants (“the flower speaks more to the product”, “I like the flower better … since being farmed locally is one of the main selling points”). Consumers, like those polled here, are aware of both the text and subtext of logos and brand messaging.

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