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Poll results

Please review our site at (www.dapperandbold.com) After reviewing this website, what questions do you have about our dress socks or Dopp kit? Is there anything on the homepage or about page that would make you not want to buy from the store?

Audience:50 U.S.-based respondents People between the ages of 35-44 People between the ages of 25-34
50 Responses

I would like to see reviews or testimonials about the products on the main page.


Overall I like how clean the layout it on PC-Chrome. At first it seemed like I'd have to do a lot of scrolling to see the homepage but I was pleasantly surprised it was only 2 screens in length. With that said, I do think splash page could be made smaller because it is a little overwhelming at first.


What makes these worth $16 as opposed to cheap socks I can get at Target? I don't see any unique selling features about this brand.


I'd never pay those prices, $16 for a pair of socks is crazy


The net site resolves any query. The page is succinct and profitable because of its quality products.


I do not have questions about this particular website. I think the layout is appealing as well as appropriate. There do not seem to be any items that would make me not want to purchase items from the store.


The website is really clean and modern, but it seems a little too simple. It doesn't give me any reason why I should choose these socks over much cheaper options that are available. It also lacks anything to make it clear that the website is safe to purchase anything off of.


I like this simple look of it. It's easy to navigate and go through all your socks. My only complaint is I see is maybe you need more items for sale


It is a very fancy looking website, makes you think that the items are expensive, and they are, at least to me. I wonder why the socks are that much a pair, you can get the same wool socks anywhere in a three pack for that price. Also why a little dopp kit bag is so much money, it's just a bag, nothing in it, so I wonder. The expense and not knowing what the business customer reviews are deter me from purchasing from this website. Thank you.


What is in the dopp kit? It shows the price but not what is included. I personally do not know what a dopp kit is. Maybe your shoppers do but I do not. Is it a well known thing? Maybe explain in plain language what it is? I liked the pop up for 10 percent off on your site. I liked that the site appeared secure. Thank you.


Do they have a certain compression rating on the socks? I think the site is very clean looking and easy to follow.


I would be curious where they are manufactured. Overall, I think it looks like a decent site and would consider buying there if I was in the market.


They seem like nice, luxury items. If money was no issue I would definitely buy both of these for my husband. I especially like that the Dopp kit is waterproof since it would keep bathroom products in it.


what is a dopp kit? the site is well made but not that many products on it. also, you may want to consider showing 2 socks since one doesn't ever purchase only one sock.


I like that the socks are made with merino wool, but I want to know the percentage to see if the socks are worth the cost.


I only want to know if there are more colors and what sizes they come in. I don't really have any other questions. I like the webpage, it appears prestigious.


The site looks professional im interested in the socks if their a reasonable price


I think that it looks very classy and has many nice dress socks.


it looks pretty simple to use, nice layout!do you have ankle socks or only longer ones?


The homepage is very attractive. The images are beautiful and really show off the product well. It gives you all the information you need. I am just not a luxury sock type guy and would not pay the price is for socks from anywhere


$16 dollars for socks is ridiculous.


I like the website and so no issues with lag or anything. I think everything matches what a dress sock site would have. It seems professional and clean which I like. Socks seem to have good amount of colors which is good but down the road maybe add a bit of design. Nothing too big but make it different.


I thought the home page had a sense of luxury to it with the darker color palette that was present. I am curious as to how often sales occur, so I know if I am receiving the proper value for my money.


It’s fine. It looks professional. Hard to get excited about socks. Why is the Dopp kit $100? That seems ridiculous . Why do the sock prices vary so much?


I would like to see information about the washing and care instructions for these products.


How long do they last?


I would just wonder if they sold products aside from socks, and why the socks were considered "luxury". What may not want me to make a purchase from the store would be simply high prices just going off of bold claims of high quality.


I don't reallly have any questions as I feel like the product is pretty straight forward. I think the homepage looks great too so no, I think the website looks good.


Page looks great. Very interesting.


I think it all looks good. On the about page, the text about catering to tall men would turn me away because I am not tall


Why are these socks intended only for "tall gentlemen" instead of everyone? It seems that you have limited your market to a small one and with remote working here to stay in some manner, the demand for dress socks is limited.


I like the overall look and feel to the website. I would like to know what all comes with the dopp kit. Kinda mister ious with just a picture of a bag. Nothing makes me not want to buy from this store.


What specifically stands out about these socks that would make me want to spend more on these. There is not anything that is really advertised which tells this to me


Is it possible that there could be a picture of the dopp kit opened? I like to inside the bag as well. The selection of socks seems limited. The homepage seems nice. I like the clean simple look.


I think the website is well designed. I don't really have any questions. They look like good quality socks and I liked the 10% off coupon that popped up for me.


I would just want to know a little more about where the fabrics come from and how ethically the items are produced.


What does shipping typically cost and what is the time frame?


Am I able to return the product if I don't like it? There is nothing on the homepage that would make me not want to buy.


I have a question. What is a Dopp kit? From what I can see based on the image, it looks like a travel bag that men would use to carry toiletries on a trip. This looks like a nice website for someone in the market for dress socks. I just don't know that I would need it.


I am curious where you source your cotton or wool? I did not see that info anywhere on the website.


I think the site looks well made and the socks do as well. I don’t know what a Dopp kit is or what it’s used for. I don’t see anything that would make me not want to shop at this site. $16 seems fair for a really nice pair of dress socks.


Are these socks machine washable? I would also want the price on the homepage.


I can see these are for tall men but not sure this is an issue doesnt mention how sizing is different. The dopp kit is just a bag? It foesnt come with things inside? How is this related to socks? Honestly i wouldnt buy feom a socks only website unless i had a problem finding socks at the store so not sire of tall men of an undisclosed size range have this specific need.


I want to know more about the Dopp kit. What is it made of? What is it for? Does it only come in that one look or color combo that is shown? I also want to know if that is all of the dress socks on offer. There is nothing about the homepage that would not make me want to make a purchase. It looks nice and professional to me.


i think the socks and kit are fine, i would buy them as is


What makes them better that standard socks. What is a "fine fabric" The dopp kit initial photo is not very strong


Where are the products made and by who? Who owns this company and what does the leadership team look like?


Is there a size chart for the socks? Are they true to size? Is there any special care one must do to prolong the life of the socks?


After close inspection I don't have any questions or suggestions for improvement. The website is very tidy and appealing to its desired audience. In addition, it was easy to navigate and the products seem like a great balance of quality and price If I had one suggestion, it would be to look at expanding the catalog. I feel like this site could easily sell belts, ties and other related men's items. Maybe collaborate with other manufacturers in order to promote growth. Im unsure how sustainable selling two items would be


Ok maybe I'm just biased bc I grew up when the web was simpler, but the site seems a little resource heavy. Like the products you have, though!

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