PickFu: The Worlds Only Real-Time Feedback Tool For Testing Out Your Ideas

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The Secret Weapon That Billion Dollar Companies Like Comcast and Intuit Use to Test If Their Ideas Will Sell… Without Risk

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Dear Friend,

Have you ever had an idea but wasn’t sure if it would sell?

I know I have. I would have a great idea but was hesitant about pursuing it because I thought what if it didn't work?

Then I would waste all my time, energy, and money on marketing and product development. Only to find out that no one wants it. I was scared to fail and look stupid in front of my family. And hearing them say "I told you so. Go get a real job."

Or I procrastinated on a great idea because I didn't want to fail and wanted to keep the dream alive. Then see someone else make a lot of money from my idea because they beat me to it.

So I thought, what if I could get a good idea on whether a product would sell within 10 minutes before investing my valuable time and money creating it? You could get to market faster with greater confidence.

This led me to create PickFu:

The world's only real-time feedback tool that billion dollar companies like Comcast and Intuit use to test out ideas... without risk.

You ask a question and give them 1- 8 options. Then PickFu brings in targeted responders. You'll get answers in as little as 10 minutes with their choice and detailed explanation on why they chose it to gather valuable data and new ideas.

So you can see if your idea is worth pursuing instead of wasting your time and money pursuing ideas that never had a chance. Enabling you to capitalize on opportunities faster and with greater confidence.

Also, PickFu can be a powerful innovation tool that you can use at will to come up with breakthrough ideas.

How The Most Successful E-commerce Companies in The World Innovate Faster Than Everyone Else

At Tony Robbin’s seminar Business Mastery, he brings in the most successful business owners and CEOs in the world.

He talked about how the #1 way the most successful companies in the world innovate faster is by bringing in new voices. Top CEOs always bring in new voices.

Tony goes on to say, "You need people who have a completely different voice, perspective, completely different life experience. They will naturally cause you to innovate. New voices will cause innovation to occur and happen very rapidly."

That's where Pickfu can help - by bringing in new voices so you come up with innovative ideas more rapidly.

I can't recommend this service enough - what was eye opening to me was the comments the people left. They were even more valuable than the results of the test. You could tell that the people that chose the name "Super 80s World" really got it. The demographics backed it up even more: those responders were closer to the target age and salary demographic.
Michael CowdenTap Tap Good

You'll get honest, reliable, unbiased, and targeted feedback from U.S based people.

Not only can you use this powerful tool to come up with and test new ideas. It can also help you increase sales and conversions.

Boost Sales and Conversions From Your Product Pages With Real-Time Feedback

As you know just by making little tweaks to your product pages can dramatically boost sales and conversions. But the problem with this, is you have to spend lots of money testing all kinds of different variations to boost response.

What if you could get targeted feedback on your product pages within minutes and a full explanation of why they said it? Now it doesn’t replace traditional split testing but can help you come up with ideas you would never have thought to test. PickFu can help you answer these key questions:

Not sure which product image is better?

The Income Guru Steve Chou from the hugely popular My Wife Quit Her Job Blog used PickFu to split test product images for his Amazon product listing. Still uses the winning image to this day.

Want to know which product description is more compelling?

Not sure which color of your product you should offer?

Not sure which shape or size is more appealing before you spend money producing it?

Not sure what feature you should add or what product you should carry?

Want to know which product description is more compelling?

Which headline is more persuasive?

Which product will sell better?

One award-winning brand you may have heard of that I’m not allowed to share. They split tested two names for their brand with PickFu and chose the winner for their brand. Still use the same name 4 years later.

Not sure what to call your product?

Have more than one idea but want to know which could be most profitable?

JUST ASK and let PickFu tell you within 10 minutes.

Fast, Targeted, Reliable, and Unbiased Feedback You Need to Make Key Decisions

You can target specific demographics: You'll get their age, education, ethnicity, and gender for each response. Plus you can target responders by their age, income, gender, amazon prime member, and over 30 specific demographics to get targeted feedback.

Stories of What Others Have Said About PickFu

More to the point though, I found the feedback valuable enough to iterate on the About page design and ended up with more of a hybrid approach. I wouldn't have got there without reading those comments. It's really a cheap and quick form of useful feedback.
Gabriel WeinbergDuckDuckGo Founder
I was helping a client during an advertising meeting...and the people around the table were debating a tagline for a local tv spot, specifically, which would resonate better with the targeted demo. While everyone was debating, I ran a PickFu poll. I presented the results and everyone was floored with the ability to run a 'real-time' poll. I love your service.
John AsaloneGo Tech Consulting Partners
PickFu is great because it allows you to get data outside of the current echo chamber you've created with your customers, communities, and true fans. It's a great way to test market messages, tag lines, and product names outside of your first-degree network. PickFu is now an essential part of every major marketing and product development initiative for us.
Charlie GilkeyProductive Flourishing
PickFu is an easy and quick way to test market your new business ideas before committing valuable resources. It's also an affordable way to optimize your e-commerce marketing images and copy before buying ads!
Steve ChouMyWifeQuitHerJob.com
I use PickFu to split test book titles and covers. It's been extremely helpful to know what readers prefer before I self-publish my books on Amazon. It enables me to make better decisions without relying purely on intuition.
Mike FishbeinInbound Marketer & Bestselling Author

How Much Does This Thing Cost?

You could do focus groups that take a lot of time plus you can only fit so many people in a room. You could spend thousands to hire a market research company that would take weeks or months to get answers. You could spend months talking with people on the streets until you get enough data to make a decision. Or you could do it the easy way and get targeted feedback within 10 minutes. It’s just $1 per response (minimum order is 50). Plus we’ll even give you 10 PERCENT OFF if you act within the next 7 days... just use “10OFF” at checkout.

100% Money-Back Guarantee!

If you’re not 100% satisfied for any reason. Just send us an email and we’ll give you 100% of your money back. No hassles, no hoops to jump through, and no questions asked.

So if you’re not sure if your idea will sell, maybe you have a question before you make a key product decision, or maybe you just want a 2nd opinion before you invest your valuable resources. Then click the button below to create your first poll within 1 minute and get answers within 10 minutes.

John L.
Creator, PickFu