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A PickFu Analysis takes the stress out of sorting through your poll results. Leave it to us to do the data deep dive and give you our top insights and next steps in a shareable PDF.

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What you get with a PickFu Analysis

High-level takeaways

Reading through poll responses is a tedious process. An Analysis gives you all of the insights with none of the manual labor.

Expert recommendations

Consumer research can be daunting. Lean on our experience in the field so that you can focus on next steps.

Shareable PDF format

Your Analysis is packed with info yet skimmable — ready to download and share with your team or stakeholders.

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Read a sample Analysis

Explore a real PickFu Analysis to learn more about how we interpret poll results.

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Frequently asked questions

You can request an Analysis through the link on your poll results page. We’ll add it to your results page and send you an email when it’s ready to download.

Analyses are human-written and handled first-come, first-served. Most are typically completed within 4 business days. You will receive an email when the Analysis is complete.

$99, regardless of poll size or complexity.

We have collectively looked at thousands of polls over the years spent building PickFu. We're confident in our ability to analyze poll results, and would be happy to chat if you have specific concerns.

We will read through the full poll and answer the following questions:

  • What were the big themes across all responses?
  • Were there notable splits among demographics?
  • What specific things can you improve?
  • What needs further testing?
  • What were the most common words or phrases respondents used?

All answers will be presented in a compact PDF, downloadable from your poll results page.

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A PickFu Analysis is just $99, regardless of poll size or complexity. Find the link on your results page.