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Which image do you prefer? {product Title} Spritz Peppermint Oil Spray For Bugs & Insects | 100% Non-toxic | Made With Essential Oils - Pet Safe And Effective | Ant, Roach, And Spider Repellent 16oz

Audience:50 U.S.-based respondents Amazon Prime members
Option image
Option A33 votes
Option image
Option B17 votes
33 Responses to Option A

The leaves look good and they help lessen the amount of negative / empty space. The bottle dimensions are weird on both though, and the label needs to be adjusted so it's not so stretchy, on both images.


I prefer choice B personally because the image seems more vibrant and enticing to my eye. I assume the leaf is what does it.


I think that option A is more visually appealing with the leaves.


The little graphic of the mint gives it a little more personality.


A looks good with the leaf


i like this image for the peppermint oil spray because it makes the product look more natural with the included leaf


The leaf in the corner adds to the presentation of this product which helps sell it.


I like the image in option A better. The leaves are a pleasant addition to the image.


It looks much better having the extra plant included in the picture


I prefer option A because the mint leaf picture with it makes it feel more clean, natural and fresh. It makes me think that the product label isn't just a misleading sales job and that there really are natural ingredients (mint oils) in the spray.


I definitely think the leaf makes the image more appealing and it gives the image more life, so I like choice A.


Since the highlight is the plant having a picture of it is fine.


Something as simple as adding the little green plant to the product image actually makes a huge difference as far as visuals. Now the product image has more green and it feels more lively and refreshing.


I think that option A looks a little nicer showing the mint leaves and that reminds me that the spray is a non-toxic peppermint oil spray.


This is a little more natural looking and makes me feel more in the mood to deal with nature.


I like option A the best because the image of the leaf stands out more.


This option felt more natural since it featured a plant leaf, and thus seemed less full of chemicals.


A has a better overall appearance and design to it


A is the best one for me because I like the peppermint in this picture. I would want to buy this one first because it got my eye first.


The picture of the active natural ingredient is more appealing.


The little leaf added to the picture adds a little something extra that makes it more interesting to look at.


I prefer A because the mint leaf emphasizes the natural ingredients and safety/non-toxic nature, as well as the nice mint smell.


I see very little difference between the products.


Both bottles are nice, but I really like the green leaves next to the bottle. It really just adds something that I like to the presentation. I wouldn't notice the bottle by itself, but I would notice the bottle with the leaves.


The little plant tells me it's natural


I think the leaves on the image give it a more appealing look for the consumer.


A because I like that it shows the mint leaf.


I really like A better because it looks more green and more... just... interesting and real and natural


The mint leaf adds some color to the photo and makes it nicer.


I like the added leaves in this image. It gives it more identity.


I like the the cream leaves next to the item it makes the bottle stand out


I prefer choice A for the extra detail of the plant.


I like seeing the mint leaf. I find that anytime a product links to a plant it is more appealing,

17 Responses to Option B

the leaves just look out of place, so I voted for B. They are already on the bottle, so I think it was overkill. I think an insect on the side of the bottle would have been more effective.


The leaves add zero value. The value is in what is on the label.


The image of just the bottle is best because it keeps all the focus on the product and the image of the mint is already on the bottle.


Option A of a leaf on the side, is extra space. Does not necessarily mean tree leaves are used in it.


I don't really know what the little plant to the right side is. It looks like a weed, which doesn't make much sense to me in combination with the "pesticide" concept for insects.


I chose B because it seems contrived to have the mint (or whatever it is) next to the bottle. It is already on the bottle.


I don't like the random garnish


I dont really like the extra mint picture, when looking at stuff like this I dont like distractions that much and just like product over a white background


I thought this was good enough and there was no need to have the flower/leaf as extra on the other picture because it seemed weird.


I picked B because I thought A was distracting. The sprig of mint next to the bottle seems weird because that is something is normally just a garnish on food items, so even though there is mint in the product, I don't like seeing something that I associate with food only next to something that shouldn't be consumed


I really do not need the validation of the mint graphic that I see in option A. I do already see the mint shown on the label in option B so I am ok with that. I already understand that this product contains mint. I would like to see a graphic saying that it is a more natural product


the plant adds nothing of value to the picture


the leaf doesnt add any info or value to the ad


Seems clearer and doesn't seem necessary to have extra imagery.


I like B because I think the leaves on A are distracting and don't really add anything to the image.


I think option B looks the best. I don't need the added thing in option A


To have the plany leaves both on the label and beside it is redundant in A. So the cleaner look of B gets my vote.

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