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 Nov 3, 2015

Given the recent study published about processed meat and bacon's possible link to cancer, will you be changing your eating habits?

100 RespondentsGeneral Population

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20 Responses to Option A
I will probably eat less.
yes will try to eat less
I try not to eat a lot of processed food anyway, but this definitely makes me want to eat fewer quick service sandwiches like ham and cheese.
I will eat less processed meat because of the links to cancer.
Well, since I have already taken previous reports of the potentially adverse effects of eating red meat and pork type products, I suppose my answer would be yes. The recent reports have simply reinforced my opinion a little more.
I have already begun eating less processed meat, but I don't think I will give up on bacon.
I was eating less bacon, then I wasn't, now I'm going to slow it down again. :(
I've been in the process of changing my eating habits to significantly reduce the amount of processed meat that I eat already. This is just the nail in the coffin.
I would much rather take a precaution in order to avoid cancer than take the risk and eat it. There are foods that are much more satisfying.
My family will be eating deli meat on sandwiches much less frequently and incorporating other healthier foods in its place.
I don't eat a lot of processed meats, but I do enjoy occasional sausage and bacon. I feel like the next time I eat them I'll be thinking of the study in the back of my mind. The findings are very negative. I don't want to eat something that is known to cause cancer. So I feel somewhat conflicted.
I do not want cancer!
maybe only slightly though because I like them so much
I will cutting red meat out of my usual diet.
The study worried me a bit, and since I already don't eat much meat, I think I'm just going to quit entirely for now.
Yes, because there is so much sodium plus other products in packaged products. I am choosing not to buy most packaged products because I do not want the added substances that are included in the products for preserving them to get in my system.
I try to eat clean and am very conscious of what I eat
I'm going to try to eat less processed meat.
Yes, I will cut back on these foods, but won't eliminate them entirely.
I will be more mindful of what I eat and how much processed meat I intake.
80 Responses to Option B
I already rarely eat processed meat and bacon.
Everything will kill us in the end. I don't particularly trust a lot of studies these days anyway.
Cant give up bacon--are ya kidding?!
There are studies like this that come up every so often and one study says one thing and another says something else. I'm not going to change something that people have been eating for years over one study.
Everything seems to be linked to cancer.
I don't eat meat
i don't eat much bacon
Moderation yes, but no to bacon is just not accetable.
I like bacon!
My consumption of processed meats and bacon was minimal so I don't feel a need to change that habit based on the increased risk, which was not as high as I expected.
I love bacon and I work in a breakfast restaurant. Everything in moderation.
I prefer exercise and moderation over reactive measures to news. Often news and studies don't get it right and it is far easier to eat things in moderation and pay attention ot your overall health then to react to the latest thing.
Option B is my choice. I didn't understand what was new about that study. It was regurgitated news. It was nothing new and it was presented as a breakthrough. We have heard that all before if we've been born since 1970. We have been eating those products since that time and before. So no, let's not fool ourselves or give in to recycled news.
I think the risk is pretty low.
In moderation its still acceptable. Furthermore not enough proof given to say that it is entirely bad.
Honestly just about everything in heavy amounts can lead to cancer seems to be what we keep finding. So I will continue my moderate diet, which will include bacon occasionally.
i do not eat a lot of that kind of food anyway. there are other lifestyle changes that would be more beneficial for my health.
I really like bacon. I already avoid doing certain things in my life that as health cautions. No one is taking away my bacon.
No, I don't really eat processed food much anyways, so I don't think I need to change what I am currently doing. Although, I will pay more attention to what the food I eat is labeled as. As for any processed meat that I do eat, I will certainly keep the levels down to a minimum.
meat's too ingrained in my diet
People have eaten meat for thousands of years. I suspect the real cancer threat of eating meat are the chemicals they treat the meat with nowadays.
It seems like everything can be bad for you, one way or the other. A few years from now, they'll probably say something positive about the processed meats and bacon.
I think it's rather ridiculous.
The risk, while higher than vegetables, is not enough to make me change my diet. I already limit my red meat intake, so I dont see any reason to change.
I will just eat in moderation
I don't eat a lot of processed meats. I will still eat it occasionally.
i went vegan about 3 weeks before these studies came out because my dad die of cancer that they told him was due to the hotdogs he ate. I've been trying to loose the gut fat and this seemed like the best idea. I dont want to die like my dad did at 52.
I was already aware of the health effects of processed meat in regards to heart disease which is far more likely than cancer. So I had already reduced the amount I eat.
I won't stop eating processed food because I can not afford anything better and I could get cancer from anything.
If I get cancer so be it. Not going to change my eating habits in any way.
I already pretty much figured this was the case, and was still eating them. However, I hope companies will pay attention and try to make the foods healthier in whatever way they can.
Bacon is too good
I don't eat that much processed meat and doubt I would change my habits much even if I did.
I feel like studies are constantly contradicting themselves. As long as I eat a balanced diet, and as long as I don't eat anything in excess, I feel like I will be healthy.
My eating habits are a hard thing to change.
I understand the recent published study, but I do not place much credence in it.
I choose Option B because I feel that such research has no bearing on how I will eat.
need more info
Everything seems to cause cancer, so I won't worry about it.
I don't eat that much bacon anyway.
Nothing is really good for you with how processed everything is.
Don't want to give up bacon
I eat minimal red meat so I feel like my risk of cancer is the same, so no.
I am not changing my diet based on "possible" links. Everything we use and consume has a possibility of giving us cancer.
I like meat too much, and EVERYTHING causes cancer
I do not eat much red meat now. I may make more of an effort to avoid bacon when possible.
You gotta die of something... I might as well shuffle off this mortal coil with a fully belly. (And no colon.)
I will not. Because bacon. I've never eaten much processed meat, so that's not a concern. If more data comes out that shows a more compelling link between bacon and cancer, I may reconsider. But dude. Bacon.
I have not been eating much bacon and I already knew that it was harmful. In the rare occasions that I decide to indulge I try to enjoy it.
I am confused by all these scientific food studies. One says something is bad but later another says it is good so I'll keep to my current diet. Option B...No
No. I only eat bacon every few weeks, and do very limited processed meat... so I don't feel like I need to change much. I already eat it in moderation. I also eat a fairly healthy diet, so I'm just not concerned.
I haven't heard about this study
I don't eat a whole lot of them anyway.
I would have to eat a whole ton of bacon to be worried, which I don't
i dont want to live in a world without bacon
I will not be changing my eating habits because I think that my red meat consumption is not great enough to cause concern.
everything causes cancer, I'm not giving up my meat and bacon.
I will not be changing my eating habits because I believe that the higher cancer risk is only for those eating large quantities of processed meat and bacon. I only eat a small amount.
I don't eat much of those anyway, but I also do not make major lifestyle changes best on a new study with no hesitation.
I don't believe that there is a significant risk to my health due to this new finding. Once more studies are done, I may consider it. Right now, I feel like it might be a simple over reaction by the media.
Studies do not tend to influence my own decisions.
I already avoid processed meat and dont eat bacon often at all
because... in a month or two, there will probably be a study saying that these types of food KILL cancer causing agents in the body :P wait and see. This isn't my first rodeo, cowboy.
I already eat very little processed meat, so it doesn't really effect me.
I will eat the same foods, just in moderation.
The studies all indicate that there is nothing wrong with processed meat and bacon so long as they are consumed in moderation. The only time people would have issues is if the above items are consumed to excess, e.g.: several times daily. I rarely ever consume bacon or processed meat, so I see no need to change my eating habits.
I think that everything in moderation is still okay. I am not going to worry if I have meat or bacon every once in awhile.
The risk is still pretty low.
I've already been a vegetarian for 15 years, so no changes are needed.
I love bacon way too much to give it up.
Everything seems to cause cancer these days, no point in avoiding it.
Bacon is too delicious to give up. Besides, everything kills you. Who cares?
Everything leads to cancer. Possible links aren't enough to dissuade me from delicious bacon.
I don't eat a lot of red meat in the first place.
I don't eat it excessively, so I am not alarmed.
I enjoy those foods a lot and I would like to wait for further research.
Too much of anything can cause cancer. It's all about moderation.
I already cut down on those types of meats because of cancer and other health risks
I like beef and bacon. And people have been eating them for years and still live to be 100.
I love bacon, and I am counting on a cure for cancer coming soon anyway.


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