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Get more insight into a respondent's thought process. With Screen Recording polls, respondents capture their screen and voice for fully transparent answers.

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Understand the thought process behind answers

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Straightforward per-response pricing

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Automatic transcripts for easy response parsing

When to use a Screen Recording poll

Get a fuller picture of a respondent's thought process by watching them answer.

Improve product pages

Watch respondents navigate your website to pinpoint weakpoints and improve conversion.

Get unfiltered feedback

Sometimes a random aside is the most revealing. Screen recording gives you the most transparency into how respondents think.

Dig deep into assets

If you have complicated or dense questions, Screen Recording polls can provide extra answers by gauging tone, delivery, and verbosity.

Each video had at least one golden nugget. I’m glad I watched them all because I could turn the insights into action items.
Daniela Bolzmann
Founder and CEO, Mindful Goods

See how Screen Recording polls can help

Whether you sell on Amazon, design mobile games, or publish content, a Screen Recording poll provides dense feedback to improve your business.

Your poll immediately goes out to all respondents who meet your targeting criteria. They recording their screen and voice as they answer your question. These recordings are then available to watch from the results page (with free auto-transcripts for easier review).

Unlike other polling platforms, we don't charge based on the response time. Most answers are 1-2 minutes long, but more elaborate questions may take longer for respondents to answer. Recordings are capped at 5-minutes to ensure answers are focused and relevant.

A Click Test captures clicks on an image and respondents explain their answers with text comments. Screen Recording polls capture the full browser screen and respondents answer verbally.

You'll start to get results within minutes. Polls usually finish that same day, in a few hours or less. The larger and more targeted your audience, the longer it takes to collect all the responses.

A Screen Recording poll is priced per response, starting at $5 a response. The cost changes as you add audience targeting and respondents; it also depends on your polling plan. For example, a 10-person Screen Recording poll with a random audience starts at $50 on our Free Forever plan and $47.50 on our Professional plan. If you add audience targeting or respondents, your poll cost scales accordingly. Learn more on our Pricing page.

You can upload images, GIFs, URLs, audio files, and videos to your poll. Read our image testing guide for a full list of image file types and extensions. Our video testing guide has a list of video and audio file formats.

We hold our respondent panel and ourselves to the highest standards and constantly work on the back end to maintain them. Between human quality checkers, machine learning, and our built-in feedback system, we can ensure that you get the most reliable feedback.

By the time you finish reading this, your Screen Recording poll will already be collecting answers.

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