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Considering images get more attention than text, creating the perfect app icon can make or break your new app. Your icon needs to be visually appealing and instantly convey the app’s usefulness and appeal. While an app icon is literally a small image, it has a big impact!

In this PickFu poll, the developers of a dating app want to see which mobile app icon is more appealing. Similar to other big-name dating apps, Singles Around Me focuses on finding singles currently near you and is intended for both men and women. 

Both icons feature a bright colored background and the app name Singles Around Me. However, Option A features a bright pink silhouette of a female on her phone, while Option B focuses on just the app name with a rotated Wi-Fi signal and heart.

Who do you think won?  

Taking a majority score of 66%, Option B was the winning app icon among 50 respondents. Out of those 50 votes, Option A scored 17 votes and Option B received 33 votes.

Two main reasons emerged why Option B left a better impression than Option A. Let’s take a look at both of them. 

Aim for a professional image

The bright pink silhouette of a woman in Option A didn’t sit well with many respondents. One gentleman commented that “the woman graphic is kind of cheesy,” and reminds him of a graphic from the 1970s. Along with the graphic itself, the color chosen for the graphic was not popular. A few people noted that the bright pink against the colored background was “really hard on the eyes.”

Overall, there was a strong feeling that Option B was more professional-looking. The words minimalistic and clean came up several times in the voter responses, which proves the overall trend towards sleek, minimal design isn’t going anywhere yet. One woman stated she preferred “the more basic design of B. It looks more professional.”

Appeal to all of your users

While a couple of voters thought the female silhouette of Option A made it more clear that Singles Around Me is a dating app, many people thought it would alienate male users. As one woman wrote, “if you want men to use the app too, you need to have it be gender neutral so it can appeal to all sexes.”

When designing your app icon, think about it from the viewpoint of all your potential users. Ask yourself how a 22-year-old female will look at it compared to a 37-year-old male because the answers will be drastically different. Create a design unique enough to make your app stand out but still appeal to all its users.

Test your icons with real voters

First impressions are everything, so it’s critical to get your icon right before launching your app. It’s possible to come up with a design you think is a winner but is perceived differently by the general public. In order to get unbiased feedback on your possible icon designs, run a few of your own polls on PickFu. In as little as 15 minutes, you will get 50 votes and insightful comments from people who match your customer base, such as iOS or Android users, unmarried people, or people in a certain age bracket.


Robyn Petrik

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