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"The speed is game-changing. Worth every penny."
Scott Cassidy
Owner, Cassidy Labs
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An enterprise-level tool anyone can use

No need to hire an expert, sit through training, or wait weeks for results. Our DIY polling platform connects you to an on-demand panel of consumers. Get reliable feedback for any project, at every step.

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“We’ve used PickFu on every major creative change. Without PickFu, we would’ve likely wasted over a million dollars, if not much more, on bad creative choices.”
John Hefter
Founding member, Thrasio

By the time you finish reading this, your PickFu poll will already be collecting answers.

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Enjoy ease of use

Our intuitive platform enables you to do enterprise-grade research in a few clicks, no training required.

"PickFu is like a real-life fortune teller. Just set up a test and it will predict the future for you, saving you a ton of money and aggravation in the process."
Mike Jackness
Co-founder, EcomCrew
Mockup of the PickFu poll builder, showing different types of poll options.

Target 7+ countries

Whether you’re selling locally or across the world, get answers from your actual audience. We have respondents in the US, Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, Mexico and the UK.

"I’ve never had a way to get immediate feedback from real potential buyers like I can with PickFu. It makes a huge difference to our product listings’ rankings and conversions."
Jeff O'Bryant
CEO & Co-Founder, Leap Stores
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Get same-day results

Quick turnaround means results in hours or less — a fraction of the time of traditional market research.

"We needed a solution to test our in-game assets that was not only cost effective but could get us results very quickly. PickFu excels at both."
Ruth Han
Senior director, Crunchyroll
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Act on quality insights

Expect high-quality data every time. Not just numbers, but also written feedback you can trust.

"An essential tool that we use when doing anything creative. It allows us to shortcut the feedback loop and gather quality data."
Brent Zahradnik
Founder, AMZ Pathfinder

Market research shouldn’t have to cost you thousands. Start polling for $15.

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Insights from the right people

With our verified panel of 15M+ respondents and more than 90 demographic traits to choose from, your target audience is just a click away.

Support when you need it

There’s a reason we call it "customer success." Whether it’s your first or 50th poll, our team is here to help you get the most out of PickFu.

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Businesses of all kinds use PickFu to get cost-saving insights they can act on immediately.


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