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PickFu Examples and Use Cases



Choose the most appealing book title and cover before you publish.



Validate your business ideas, logos, and ad creatives in a lean way.


Ecommerce Sellers

Improve your product listing photos, descriptions and online storefront.


App Developers

Optimize your app UI & app store creatives before publishing to the app store.

Start uncovering actionable, audience-driven data today.

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How PickFu Works




Start uncovering actionable, audience-driven data today.

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PickFu Makes It Easy & Quick

1-Minute Setup

Just write one question and two answer options and your poll is ready to go.

We Bring The Respondents

Our poll-takers match US demographics, so you get balanced, unbiased results.

Quick Results in Hours

Keep iterating on your project throughout the day as you instantly get feedback you can use.

Fresh Perspective

Get an objective third-party point-of-view on your business decisions.


Learn the why behind each response and make better decisions going forward.

Demographic Info

Slice and dice responses by age, gender, ethnicity, income, education.

Start uncovering actionable, audience-driven data today.

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Fans of PickFu

PickFu makes it easy for new entrepreneurs to execute the 'Lean Startup Method' - running quick tests to find which ideas will make the biggest splash.
PickFu.com is where I go when I want to quickly split test Amazon product images to actual Amazon Prime customers, and know which images customers prefer, before I make my product listing live. I get results within 1 hour with detailed 'reasons why' they voted a certain way. This has the potential to save thousands of dollars in lost sales from choosing the wrong image.
PickFu.com is my go-to tool whenever I want direct and honest feedback for my cover or book title. What I love is I get results within an hour and how the respondents provide a detailed 'reason why' they voted a certain way.
PickFu is an easy and quick way to test market your new business ideas before committing valuable resources. It's also an affordable way to optimize your e-commerce marketing images and copy before buying ads!
Inspiration is nice, but real-world feedback is more practical, especially if you want to sell books.
We chose PickFu because of the quality of the users and the speed at which we get results! Other online survey services take up to a week to complete, and we just don't have that time....Since it takes less than 15 minutes to get the survey results, we were able to alter our designs immediately and re-test them.

Start uncovering actionable, audience-driven data today.

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