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Choose enticing book titles and covers before publishing.


Validate your startup idea using the Lean Startup methodology.

Product Managers

Get feedback on UI mockups and user preferences before going live in front of your own audience.


Test drive marketing copy across a diverse population.


Start uncovering actionable, audience driven data today. Get Feedback Now »


Start uncovering actionable, audience driven data today. Get Feedback Now »

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Learn the why behind each response and make better decisions going forward.

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Slice and dice responses by age, gender, ethnicity, income, education.

Start uncovering actionable, audience driven data today. Get Feedback Now »

Inspiration is nice, but real-world feedback is more practical, especially if you want to sell books.
0bbe99adbe7ec982c8862741af8dc010af3e501f Bryan Collins
Become a Writer Today
We chose PickFu because of the quality of the users and the speed at which we get results! Other online survey services take up to a week to complete, and we just don't have that time....Since it takes less than 15 minutes to get the survey results, we were able to alter our designs immediately and re-test them.
091ea70e894046a3aee2d4847c44098835cab746 Isabella Patton
I was impressed by its simplicity and the speed at which I could get results from a unbiased me, the most valuable data is actually the one liner provided by those who are polled...
Eabff265920da1effb0b36b691a599af4113015d Ben Steed
Infinite Publishing
When we created our unique 3D Fashion Game for iOS and Android we used PickFu extensively to poll different icons, section names and even the name of our game itself! It's a cost effective, fast and very helpful service.
9dd6e4658678fe282b74c18faa27f2c4f1147e70 Simon Newstead
I have loved PickFu and recommended it to a half dozen people already. I've used it to quickly iterate ideas and have some data to make decisions. I'm a huge fan and will definitely continue using it for various projects.
6188d60e578a06731035bb36018978e473c4a50e Tim Grahl
Author & Book Marketing Consultant
Pick Fu is brilliant...this site is absolutely fantastic for just getting feedback from a very diverse range of people on absolutely any question.
8876ea3821f61dcb5d8fc4b460888ed6fb81e3f9 Iain Dooley
Decal CMS Founder

Start uncovering actionable, audience driven data today. Get Feedback Now »

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